Ufologists found on Mars “building the aliens” in the form of nuts

A self-proclaimed expert on extraterrestrial civilizations Scott Warring has paid attention to the pictures of the Martian surface, which show the structure of unusual shape. The photos captured the unusual structure, somewhat reminiscent of nuts. As usual in such cases, the ufologist stated that they discovered the building the aliens, confirming the visit of aliens on the Red planet.

photo: pixabay.com

“Ruins of an alien civilization” represent structures similar to polygons with grooves around and in the middle, and a small dais in the center. According to the ufologist, if the same shape was seen on Earth, people would not have doubt that in this territory in the antiquity was located the city.

Developing his idea, Waring suggests that excavations on site “buildings” would find high-tech artifacts that the aliens could have left on Mars, right down to the computers with artificial intelligence. According to the ufologist, the American aerospace Agency NASA probably know about the abandoned alien city, but conceal this information to before the others to obtain access to extraterrestrial technologies and use them in the interests of the United States.

Serious scientists did not comment on the news, so to speak, as it has any unusual features of the Martian landscape can be difficult. However, the version of the UFO is unlikely — it is currently envisaged that the aliens, even if they exist, are hardly ever visited the Solar system in person, because even at a speed close to the speed of light, it would be a very long journey. Also not too close to the truth that Mars was once able to exist civilization, which developed directly there, once the Red planet, apparently, really was habitable, but this period was so short that living organisms during this time hardly had time to appear or evolve forth unicellular life forms.

Recently NASA has published a unique “virtual tour” on the moon.

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