Died the Director of “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” Milos Forman

After a short illness at the age of 86 years has died the outstanding Czech and American Director Milos Forman, Creator of iconic paintings.

photo: youtube.com

Milos Forman.

According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, the death of the Director has confirmed his wife Martina. Also the Manager Milos Forman said that the Director did not after a short illness.

Milos Forman was born in Czechoslovakia and studied with the future first President Cesii václav Havel. The first paintings he made in the Czech Republic – “Black Peter” and “Burn, my young lady”. In fact, these films anticipated the mindset of the Prague spring. When the Soviet Union sent tanks into Czechoslovakia, the Director emigrated to the United States, where he made his most significant films and twice won the highest film award “Oscar” and many other major awards.

In many of his paintings such as “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest”, “Amadeus”, “the People vs. Larry Flynt” sees the triumph of individual freedom over society.

In the days of Perestroika, when the Soviet Union allowed the screening of the film “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest”, in cinemas lined kilometer queue. One of the most famous quotes from this film was the main character, McMurphy, who is brilliantly played by the actor Jack Nicholson: “You whine as you here is hard and unbearable, but you do nothing to change things, to get out of here” and “But at least I tried to do it, damn it!”.

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