Discovered the skeleton of a medieval Italian man with a knife instead of a hand

During excavations on the territory of Lombardy, archaeologists found the skeleton of a man who lived not earlier than VI and not later than the VIII century BC. In place of the right hand from a resident of medieval Italy experts saw the knife, and the weapon replaced his limb while still alive.

photo: Journal of Anthropological Sciences

According to the researcher lived for 40-50 years, and a considerable portion of this time instead of a hand he had a knife. Experts do not exclude that the hand of the person to be amputated after it was damaged in battle — especially when you take into consideration what “replacement” was she found. Judging by the deformation of certain bones, when “prosthetics” has put a lot of effort. Apparently, the knife was fastened by leather straps. The answer to the question why the Italian took the knife instead of hands, scientists are not yet ready.

At the same time, experts suggest that the knife, in particular, was used as a makeshift toothpick — he often brought a hand to his mouth, which had to hold it in an unnatural position (this has led to deformation of the shoulder), and the teeth were markedly worn and damaged. Archaeologists do not exclude that such a counterproductive approach to oral hygiene could be the reason that man lives a longer life. At the same time, for scientists it remains a mystery how a person could live with such an exotic denture at a time when there was not even antibiotics.

Near the skeleton of a man with a knife instead of a hand specialists were found other remains, including bones of horses and hunting dogs.

On the results obtained, the researchers reported in the pages of the Journal of Anthropological Sciences.

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