“Locomotive” has crushed “the Dynamo” in the home match of the 26th round of the Premier League

In Khimki on April 14, will be the main match of the 26th round of the championship of Russia. Meet the leader of the Premier League Lokomotiv Moscow and scored during Dynamo.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

– Great “locomotive” took care of “Dynamo”. At it is white-blue there was virtually no chance of success today. Skill at team Semin above. This means that the railwaymen are still the main favorites in the battle for the championship.

90+3′ All. Enough with the blue and white. “Loko” has defeated “Dinamo” in the Derby.

90+1′ Two minutes added. Dynamo had a couple of good moments, but it didn’t happen.

89′ No, “Loco” quietly bounces

87′ still, Dinamo are still hoping for a goal. In Tashaev in particular.

84′ But earned a penalty the blue and white. Struck Panchenko from about the same point, which beat Miranchuk and Farfan in the first half. The ricochet from his own, and the ball went wide of the right post

83′ just went wrong all at the “Dinamo”. Even the goal they did not want to score. As if. Lokomotiv, meanwhile, quietly waiting for the end. This Derby we have today

80′ And more replacement at “Loko”. Came Boris Rotenberg is Vladislav Ignatiev.

77′ And “Dynamo” Ivan Temnikov was replaced by Feodor the Black.

73′ Ari took to the field now the “Locomotive”. Farfán have it replaced.

72′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Well, this is the gap! Alexey miranchuk scored twice. Farfan held the ball near the opposition penalty area and dispatched to the left the Beginning to the gate of Shunina. Alex became friendly with the goalkeeper and knocked the ball to the right of it – right in the bottom corner. GM!

71′ free-Kick was served to the guests. Beat Farfan head – just over the crossbar.

68′ The Answer Is “Loco”! Farfan again found himself one on one, but this time win win and the defense did.

67′ Dinamo still trying to think of something at the gates Guilherme. The goal of prestige has not been canceled. Here is Rausch now again struck free-kick, but the goalkeeper took the ball in the bottom right corner.

62′ Miranchuk too clever by half. He went out to the gate of Shunina left. But to beat from an acute angle did not, and gave the center of farfán. But that is already covered by defenders.

59′ Dynamo doesn’t give up. Blow far followed now. The rebound to the corner. Its blue and white played poorly.

58′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Here it is! After all, history repeats itself first match. Tarasov scored a header after a free-kick.

55′ the latter went on the field instead of Eder.

53′ Panchenko shot from outside the penalty area in the center, but the shot was blocked by the defender! Closer Dynamo gets to the gate. “Loco” in the attack are not visible.

51′ Tashaev took a shot from distance on the right. The ball flew slightly above the gate.

49′ Dinamo began the second half. Already took a corner and a free kick. Loko beats all.

46′ the Second half started.

– Good looks “the Dynamo” against the leader of the Premier League. But in the defense until the nightmare. Two free throws scored. Was the penalty kick. Let’s see what I can come up with Dmitry Khokhlov at the break. As long as everything goes to a repetition of the result of the match in the first round

45+1′ did not succeed to make “the Dynamo” during this time. Break.

45′ Minute added to first half.

43′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Still, the railroad doubled the advantage in the account. Rykov hit the opponent with his penalty, for which he received a yellow card. The shell was about the same point where and at the time of goal the Beginning. The ball went Farfan, who shot into the bottom left corner. Win win again, not rescued. 2:0!

41′ and now the defenders had to save Amkar after hitting his head Panchenko. The shot was on target, but Kverkvelia knocked the ball.

40′ Another attack “Loko”. Ended it with a strike from outside the penalty area Aleksey Miranchuk. Much above the gate.

38′ Tashaeva again taken out to the gate But on the left. But the goalkeeper was on the ball first.

37′ Teams began to play from a knife. The attack on the gate succeed each other. That’s just punching while no one gives to the opponent.

35′ the corner of Dynamo failed. “Loko” again has moved on to ball control.

33′ In the center of the field faced Ignatiev and Lutsenko. Assistance required to both players.

30′ Igor Denisov has been yellow for a foul on the opponent. In the next meeting he will not play.

25′ free-Kick earned the Dynamo. Rausch struck, but focus the Beginning he was not successful. He came to the wall.

22′ And Aleksey Miranchuk misses his penalty attempt! Shot he’s not very good. Almost in the center, but win win took the ball!

21′ Penalty! So brought a problem of the Dynamo. Made a mistake in the defense of the defender, and ran into the penalty area defence. Come out to meet him Shunin and hands down the Peruvian. This is exactly the 11-meter!

20′ Moment at gate “the Locomotive”! Feed into the penalty area on the right, and Tashaev threw the ball under attack Panchenko. But that punch did not have time. Insure Kverkvelia. Next shot with his left Rausch. Above the gate flying ball.

17′ It’s turn for the moment at gate “Dynamo”! Farfan burst into the hosts ‘ penalty area on the right. He approached the Crossbar, but Anton managed to clear the ball from the free kick.

14′ But the Tashaev burst into the penalty area on the left and shot. But Corluka in the fall, which was parried for a corner.

11′ Calmed down a little game. “Loco” is clearly better controls the game.

8′ Yet the ball more to the feet of the players “Loko”. They do not give advance to their goal to the Dynamo.

5′ and here “the Dynamo” here could win! On the right edge of the penalty area Blacks got the ball and shot. The ball off the defender’s foot flew in a strike but Guilherme oriented and took the shell in his hands.

4′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Free kick scored handsome Alexey miranchuk! In the style of his partner in the club of Fernandes struck the Russian. On the right put the ball accurately into the bottom right corner. Shunin was jumping for the ball, but never made it.

3′ And that the penalty threat at the gate of Shunina. Aleksey Miranchuk with the beat.

2′ “Loco” on the ball. Trying to go on the attack. Defense the blue and white cope.

1′ let’s Go! With the midfield played players “Loko”.

– Here are the starting lineups.

“Dynamo”: Shunin, Tsallagov, Goats, Rykov, Sonic, Rausch, Panchenko, Tashaev, SDA, Black, Lutsenko.

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Kverkvelia, Corluka, Denisov, Tarasov, Ignatyev, Alexey Miranchuk And Anton Miranchuk, Rybus, Farfan, Eder.

– Hello, dear fans of football. Welcome to the match between the Moscow “Dynamo” and “Locomotive”. The team of Yuri Semin’s fighting for the championship try to cope with a very difficult opponent in what became the “Dynamo” under the leadership of Dmitry Khokhlov.

To railwaymen it is necessary to prevent misfires. Their heels pursues “Spartak”. In case of defeat for the team of Yuri Semin case things get tough. However, practice shows that with strong opponents (unless it’s the level of club atlético de Madrid) “Loko” plays even better than with outsiders.

Dynamo now plays really great. The victory over CSKA in the hotel it speaks volumes. So it is unlikely we will see a repeat scenario of the match between these opponents in the first round, when the Team won with the score 3:0.

It is symbolic that confront the master of Yuri Semin will be the coach, played under him at Lokomotiv as a player. Is Dmitri Khokhlov.

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