The investigation revealed high-ranking officials stood in the way of checks, “Winter cherry”

SK Russia said about the new circumstances in the investigation of the tragedy in Kemerovo. Turns out door handle of the emergency exit of the cinema, where the majority of the victims were tied with rope with a lock. In addition, the investigation found high-ranking officials that prevent the conduct of audits in TTS “Winter cherry”.

In the message of Investigatory Committee in the messenger tamtam noted at the scene of the fire completed the work of specialists of the expert center of the Ministry of emergency situations of St. Petersburg and now the resulting materials will be studied and analyzed in special laboratories.

Thus came the answer to the question why people from the cinema, where in the end it turned out most of victims tried to exit through the back door, when I realized that the main output is all the smoke. The report said that the door handles of the emergency exit from the cinema “was pulled by a cable similar to a Bicycle with a lock.” In the end, the men present in the room, managed to snatch the rope and open the door, but there was also a wall of black smoke. After that one of the victims, who have skills of fire training, decided to stay in the cinema and plug all the cracks.

In addition, the statement of the TFR reported that the result was “installed high-ranking officials, to prevent the inspections of fire safety in the shopping complex “Winter cherry”.” However, while the positions and names are not called.

We will remind that a fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry” has occurred on March 25. Then killed 64 people, including 41 children.

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