“The police became interested in fake paintings of Malevich and Popova in Rostov Kremlin

– Police checks after identifying in the collection of the Museum “Rostov Kremlin” (the Yaroslavl region) two forged works of Russian avant-garde.

“In OMVD of Russia across the Rostov district received a request from the Museum-reserve “Rostov Kremlin” upon detection of two counterfeit items in the Museum’s collection. At present on this fact an inspection is carried out, the results of which will be a procedural decision”, – said the “Interfax” press Secretary of UVMD of Russia across Yaroslavl region Marina Kokueva.

According to the corporate edition of the Museum of the newspaper “the Rostov antiquity”, for 2017, the Museum “Rostov Kremlin” carried out the examination belonging to the collection of works of the avant-garde. The study was conducted by the Institute of Geology of the Precambrian (Saint Petersburg), State research Institute of restoration, the State Russian Museum. The result revealed eight forgeries, six of which were donated to the Museum in 2014 and 2016, a descendant of a Russian princely family Nikita Lobanov-Rostovsky, and two relate to the Museum’s own collection. We are talking about the paintings of Kazimir Malevich and Lyubov Popova.

“By results of examination of fake recognized, the two works: Malevich Samovar (circa 1913) and Popova “non-objective composition”(1918). The experts came to the conclusion that these works were created in the second half of the XX century”, – reports the edition.

It also indicates that with high probability, the substitution of originals occurred before 1972.

“You can make a reasonable inference that “the Samovar” by Malevich was stolen from the Rostov Museum in the period up to 1972. It can be argued that the second work “non-objective composition” by Popova (currently known as “Picturesque architectonics”), was stolen in the same period. This indicates seen (a critic – if) Svetlana Jafarova belonging fakes one author”, – informs “Rostov old.”

“In 1972 the Kurchatov Institute held an exhibition of works from the collection Popova (Greek collector – if) George Costakis. With a high degree of probability it can be argued that stolen from the Rostov Museum work participated in the exhibition. This is evidenced by the coincidence of the size of one of the in the catalog, the work of Rostov”, – writes “old Rostov”.

According to the newspaper, the painting “Samovar” is now kept in the Museum of modern art in new York, and “non-objective composition” – at the Museum of contemporary art in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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