A strange sentence: the coach was found guilty in the death of children in accidents

The unexpected decision issued on Friday lukhovitskiy district court of Moscow region on the case of an accident that occurred a year ago on the 143rd kilometer of the highway M5 “Ural”. We will remind, then as a result of collision of the car “Renault” with “Gazelle” killed three young athletes, another was seriously injured. Despite the fact that among the suspects were going into the oncoming lane, the driver of “Gazelle”, guilty of road accident, the court found the coach carrying the children to the competition. Ruslan Bogdanov was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As have informed “MK”, March 25, 2017 at approximately 8.30 am the car “Renault” on which the officer of the Ryazan sports DYUSSH “Sokol” Ruslan Bogdanov was taking the boys on demonstrations in the Moscow suburb of Voskresensk, in full operation crashed into “Gazelle”. It happened near the village Drachevo. In the 13-year-old Glory, who sat in the first seat, and the brothers Rahman and a member (13 and 14) from the received traumas has died, 14-year-old Sergei with a damaged spleen was taken to the hospital. Witnesses to the accident claimed that that morning there was no rain, no snow, a section of the road was dry, the coating is free of holes and bumps. According to them, Reno was moving at a speed of about 60-65 km/h when there was a collision with “the Gazelle”, going forward.

Initially took custody of two drivers: trainer of sport school Ruslan Bogdanov and carrier of Sahipa hudaverdieva who drove “Gazelle”. According to parents of boys in their hands is the conclusion of the inspector DPS on the primary survey of participants in the accident, according to which the forwarder khudaverdiyev admitted that fell asleep and woke up only at the moment of impact. About what Gazelle flew into Reno, was confirmed by other witnesses to the incident. However, after 5 months the picture has changed: the alleged culprit, who later began to deny that it was asleep, turned into a witness, and Bogdanov, was placed under house arrest. Relatives of inmates of the coach repeatedly wrote complaints to various authorities were asked to explain the reason for the sudden reversal of the investigator, however, a clear answer, they said, has not received.

Ryazan Internet newspaper “has its Own bell tower” noted that the court Sahib khudaverdiyev talked about the incident, it is illogical and incoherent. In particular, he agreed with all of your prior testimony, but at the same time told absolutely different from each other stories. In the end, guilty under article 264 part 5 of the criminal code still recognized Ruslan Bogdanov. He was given 4 years in a penal colony with deprivation of the right to engage in activities related to the management of vehicles for a period of three years.

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