“London will study options in relation to Finance Russians in the UK

Prime Minister Theresa may said that the UK is considering various measures against “illegal Finance” Russians in the UK, reports in the Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times.

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“We consider all aspects of actions that can be made,” she said.

At the same time, the source of the newspaper promised that soon will be taken “extensive actions”. “You will see extensive action on financial measures against Russian oligarchs in the UK soon,” said the source.

The UK Prime Minister in mid-March, speaking about measures against Russia, said that the UK “will continue to use the capabilities of the security forces to confront the criminals and corrupt members of the elite”. “In our country there is no place for these people and for their money,” she said.

At the end of March, according to the BBC, the Finance Committee of the house of Commons of the UK Parliament launched an investigation of economic crimes, including money laundering, the program was called “Russian corruption in Britain”. Claims Transparency International, based on data of which the deputies, the assets of 4.4 billion pounds ($6.2 billion) in the UK was purchased with the proceeds of “suspicious origin.” A portion of this amount is bought by Russians and British property worth about 880 million pounds.

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