Russian football team lost goalkeeper: will be fine if Lunev 2018

Stronger the clouds are gathering around the “Zenith”. Injuries to Alexander Kokorin, Emmanuel Mammana, resonant statements of the head coach about individual players and refereeing overall, the standings are extremely ambitious team — before the end of the season “Zenith” not so many reasons for joy. Was no exception and the match with Makhachkala “Anji”. Thanks to a goal by Sebastian Driussi victory over the team of Vadim Skripchenko won, but in zenitovskom back loss. 15 minutes before the end of normal time the meeting got injured goalkeeper pitertsev Andrey Lunev. This is not only for “Zenith” a nuisance, but also for the national team…

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Andrey Lunev.

He left the field limping and accompanied by the team doctor. After that, the match had to finish substitute Yuri Lodygin. He coped with the task. But the most important was made at the post-match press conference. As said the coach of Zenit Roberto Mancini, Andrei Lunev “quite serious injuries”. “I think he dropped out before the end of the championship”, said the Italian specialist. Later, the press service of “Zenith” will make the following statement: “the Preliminary diagnosis Luneva — damage to the soft tissues of the anterior surface of the femur. In the next few days the football player will pass medical examination and will be determined by the exact timing of the recovery.” Logically, after these messages, there were thoughts about how will the goalkeeper to get in shape for the start of the world Cup and if I can get the team owners…

Specially for “MK” the situation with the trauma of the goalkeeper of “Zenith” commented our resident expert — the deserved trainer of Russia, known sports doctor Igor Zavyalov:

— About the seriousness of the damage can only speak of the results of the survey. A lot depends on the location of the injury. Now I would not like to guess, because while we only heard the words of the coach. He has his own opinion. But before the official confirmation of the diagnosis to make any assumptions before. The coach can be your thoughts on this. The decision about health or illness of the player can only receive medical service. Another thing to put in the lineup or not. It’s up to the coach. The vision Mancini, his conclusion is not a diagnosis. If he said so, maybe not able to put Lunev before the end of the season. But he can view and change. Just there is a topic of conversation among fans and journalists. It only means that Mancini may not include Luneva part of the rest of the season. It acts on the basis of information Medscape, the functional status of the player and their opinions, like it or not he is a footballer. These statements Mancini importantly — and the coaching aspect. The player can be completely healthy, and the coach part of him still didn’t. With the will of the steering team may not agree, but it is what it is. From a medical point of view, it is impossible to comment in any way.

If we talk about injury of the anterior surface of the femur, as such, often these injuries happen in American football, where there is constant contact between the players. There are different degrees of gap. Improper treatment, excessive load may be formed of so-called osteophytes — fragments of bone tissue in the muscle.

Recall that in this season Lunev participated in 20 matches of the Premier League and conceded 12 goals.

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