Sergei Ovchinnikov about the scandal with Smolov: “Krasnodar” there is nobody to replace him?”

Incredible shocks in the Champions League, ending the European campaign for the Russian clubs, baggy step Lokomotiv to championship events for the next portion of football conversations galore. But traditionally focus on the most important.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Of course, let’s start with the epicenter, the more that my interviewee’ve got a relationship with the protagonist (or antihero, if you want) last week. The brilliant former goalie, and now a senior CSKA coach Sergei Ovchinnikov once finished is approximately the same as Gianluigi Buffon.

– The heartbreaking denouement of the confrontation between “real” and “Juventus” was discussed in every way. When the emotions subsided, you have a changed opinion about the proper penalty?

– Remain the same: 50-50. Yes, and the football community is far from United on this issue. Could put could not put.

– I believe that the spirit of the game still needs to be taken into account, and to give penalties in these games in the 93rd minute is possible only in exceptional cases. And a warning, Buffon could be limited…

– It agree with you. Logically, the referee and was supposed to go.

– Only similar case was in your life. 2006-th year. Dynamo at the last minute conceded the 0:1. Also hot debate with the referee and removing the authoritative goalkeeper. History as two drops of water, only you weren’t arguing for a penalty, but merely about the corner. Certainly, this seemed the finale of a brilliant career for you and Buffon?

– Parallels with Buffon me run somehow not with his hands. First, is the Keeper of the highest, world level. Secondly, he is neither a season nor a career not yet completed. Moreover, do not rule out that he is not put an end, and will continue to play on. As for our actions, then it is emotion in its purest form. Doesn’t matter about the corner there is a speech or a penalty. Football is unpredictable and those that don’t know when will explode. Therefore, you won’t regret – neither him nor me. I think Gianluigi already left this episode in the past.

– It is easy to guess that almost ended the game in Madrid, all of your thoughts again switched to the current club. What you need to say to the players that lost to Arsenal 1:4, so that the second leg does not become an empty formality?

– We after the first meeting once and accents: the game was mixed, it could have turned out differently. CSKA and London had plenty of opportunities, and the philosophy of “Arsenal” means an open game, with additional features for the opponent. I sincerely believe in the success of the sum of the two matches. Of course, a certain share of luck, coincidence of circumstances. And, of course, proposing something new in return.

– Clear, with 2:0 was the moment Ignashevich, who could all finally change. However, sometimes after these matches the coaches a feeling that any particular episode is not finalized, not suggested, made the wrong decision?

As in any match. Somewhere I guess, something is probably wrong. It is very difficult to specify.

– Do not think for Hochma, but why players in CSKA are so few, and coaches so much?

– Actually, we have the smallest coaching staff. There are teams which are 12 professionals work.

– But too status have Goncharenko helpers: you, Onopko, now ex-head coach BATE Ermakovich. Not close?

– Each have their own areas of work, all the roles are clearly distributed. Do not only core team but also youth. I believe that both the quantity and combination in the coaching staff the most that neither is optimal.

– In General, CSKA have the satisfaction of finishing the season, it was still quite passable Champions League group?

– Passable groups in the Champions League does not happen. If Benfica was the fourth, we caused her to be weak. Yes, we could play better against Manchester United. By and large, did not have a single victory. But generally speaking, you can only join in the congratulations head coach with a very successful European season.

– It seems that the Russian club scored a lot of points for the table of UEFA coefficients, but in terms of end results there is no progress. In the foreseeable future, there are some chances for the semi-finals, finals, trophies?

Anything is possible. But given the current economic situation, the limit on foreign players, which results in a difficulty invitation of fast victories count difficult.

– A lot of talk about the imminent departure Golovin this summer in England. Not as an army coach a question, and as someone at the time who went overseas in the Prime of life: he must go?

– Each case is individual. But Alexander is definitely an accomplished footballer, gorgeous, thoughtful guy. Today we can safely say that this is without exaggeration a great player. If there is an adequate supply, and he and the club will definitely consider it.

– To our kitchen. Lokomotiv, whose colours you defended more than a dozen years, again and again we have hurtling towards the championship. It is somewhat similar to the team with which you won the gold?

– It’s hard to draw Parallels, not being within the team. But it is clear that the main figure around which they can build, is Semin. Plus, these people in the coaching staff, as Loskov and Pashinin. Of course, the keepers of traditions, which cannot but have an effect.

– But agree, Saturday 4:0 against Dynamo Kyiv, few expected?

– The big score – rather a coincidence. It is recognized and Yuri Pavlovich. Early goal, missed the final moments. In the end, what’s the difference 4:0 or 1:0. For us that’s equally bad for both.

– That is, CSKA Moscow still cherishes hopes for “gold”?

– While there is a theoretical chance, of course.

– Lokomotiv scores a lot from set pieces, especially lately. It from players, or there are any blank?

– You can have blanks, but they do not always work. But here the case when a team creates certain conditions for these standards. That is, it uses the cards of their players. Fernandes was well beaten penalty, and now Anton Miranchuk has shown in this matter their skills.

– I would still outlined the range of candidates in first place by two clubs – “the Locomotive” and “Spartak”…

That’s your right. CSKA traditionally, few believe. But anyone who knows our team, never will deny her the right to a miracle.

– Will continue to stick to their line. Lokomotiv will be the champion even in case of equality of points with “Spartakom”. Unless the railwaymen are able to lose so much in the remaining five rounds?

They will be meeting with the competitors. But it is not our business – we have to take all his own.

– Passion around judging we boil cleaner than in the past the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Smolov accused the justice that de is working in the interests of your club. But it is really hard to understand what the judge was thinking when I showed him this ill-fated card?

Well, accusations are again, emotions. But in defense of the judges, I can say that the decision was made instantly. But clearly to understand what had happened was only the third repeat. In any case, I do not think that “Krasnodar” lack of Smolov in the game against CSKA will be a great tragedy.

That is, don’t believe the officiating at the finish of the season will play some role in the distribution of the key places?

– Judges mistaken in favor of each team, or, conversely, of every harm. How many CSKA this season suffered from refereeing errors! And how much we rotate the squad. And “Krasnodar” which couldn’t be replaced Smolov?

Third place now too ligachampion only have to start with the training. Or it’s not for CSKA?

– We fight for getting into the Champions League zone. Details specify will not.

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