The intrigue of “the Golden mask”: how many awards will remain in Moscow

National theatre award “Golden mask” came to its finish. On Sunday, at the New stage of the Bolshoi theatre, the jury will announce its verdict — who is pan and who is gone, who is godfather to the king, and who only a brother Minister. Much coveted “Masks” will remain in the mother see, and how many leave the province, which, according to this year’s festival, has a very serious claim. But not yet distributed to the masterpiece symbol of the work of a great artist Oleg Sheintsis “MK”, casting a glance mask marathon, try to make your forecast. And I hope that it will be more accurate than meteorological.

The Chapter “musical theatre”. Trends: nine of the nominated performances, only two created by scores written in XIX century – “Faust” and “Manon Lescaut”, the latter in the end of the century. Three — “Salome”, “Billy Budd” and “Turandot” — are recognized operatic masterpiece of the twentieth century, two – “the Passenger” and “homeland of electricity” — newly discovered works of Soviet composers, and two “Chatski” and the Cantos, and all three are just written texts living Russian authors. This is no accident: we are witnessing today, and someone active participants in the violent cultural cut-off of the “tail” of the last century, which strongly pulls back to something beautiful and bright that completely do not correspond to today’s attitude of disintegration, of destruction, of death, of total irony and irrepressible banter as ugly “positive”.

Opera favorites. “Golden Mask” can go to “Helikon” for “Turandot,” for this performance was the best season on all counts – and Director (Dmitry Bertman) and music (Vladimir Fedoseyev). It is even conceivable that the “Turandot” will not pass award and will receive it, most likely, Vladimir Fedoseyev, for which “Turandot”, as it is wildly, was the debut as a Director on the Russian Opera scene.

“The mask” for the best performance may go to the “Passenger” of the Ekaterinburg Opera. There will be a nod to the address of the comeback of Moses Weinberg, and the ability to support not capital theatre, and the play is really worth it. Good chances, “Billy Budd” the Bolshoi theatre productions of the highest level. If, however, outweigh the bowl “Manon Lescaut”, it will be so unfair, although Anna Netrebko, his “Mask,” of course, get. Because if that happens, it will be funny. But Yusif Eyvazov in the award may interfere with its recent entry in the Queen of spades, which is not liked very much.

Politics and ideology today is more important to us than the cinema and circus in the days of Lenin. So no doubt some “Masks” will get the creative team “Chatskogo” led Serebrennikov. It is impossible to imagine without winning, and Cantos – there is also politics, but is more cultural. Funny collision in the composers ‘ category, where in company with the vanguard of our avant-garde in some unimaginable way, wormed Artem Vasiliev with a sweet baby ballet, best known for the soundtracks to films by Nikolai Lebedev and Stanislav Govorukhin. Could take the award just for the fact that he writes music for people, not aliens. But the jury will have to choose between you and another team contract composers of the “new theatre”, the secondary bore Manotskov and work of Alexei Sumaka in the Cantos. We would prefer the latter.

The musical as a genre still remains in the realm of human pleasures. Two talented young Director Alexei Frandetti and Philipp Razenkov equally can and should be recognized for that with energy and hunt develop this back-breaking for the Russian theatre genre. If the jury outweigh the desire to see the musical as a field of musical theater, the more chances of “Nameless star” Novosibirsk theatre of musical Comedy. At the same time here and Novosibirsk would be sounded – at least in the format of the operetta. After that, to see among the nominees of the Novosibirsk Opera while it is headed by Vladimir Kekhman, what great performances he is not released, there is nothing to think, in the expert community are able not only to support the persecuted and favorite but and ridicule objectionable. But if the judges need additional motivation, more chances “Sweeney Todd”: Taganka, criticized opponents of contemporary art will support, and the story itself is about a serial killer and pies chelovechinki much sozvuchie contemporary theatre than some lovey-dovey.

In the field of ballet in shorts-the sheet fell 7 performances from Perm, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Moscow. And among the choreographers Alexei Miroshnichenko, Yuri Burlaka, Vyacheslav Samodurov and Ilya Alive. “Dark horse” remains the last of his ballet “seasons” created for the Mariinsky to the music of max Richter on motives of Antonio Vivaldi. It in Moscow showed, however, given the fact that the best choreographer in the past year, it was declared choreographer of the Mariinsky theatre Anton Pimonov for his “Violin Concerto No. 2” and the best dancer in this ballet was the premiere theatre Victoria Tereshkina, the chances of this theatre in the ballet this year a little. Approximately the same situation is a wonderful performance of the Ekaterinburg theatre of Opera and ballet “the snow Queen” directed by Vyacheslav Samodurov. Note that the number of advances and victories tyrants — the absolute record “ZM”, and such factors politically correct leadership “Masks” never from the accounts are not reset.

Slightly the Big theater with 14-minute mini-performance of Jerome Robbins’s “the Cage”, which this year has passed already 67 years old. This performance is not outdated, but to fight him with recently created works will still be hard. That, however, does not deprive of the chance to win Anastasia Stashkevich – the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi nominated as “Best dancer”for participating in the “Cage”.

However, the main intrigue remains the “Cinderella” from Perm, became a sensation: a number of General and specific categories for which it is advanced, a record — eight of them! Will you give her all or have sharing issue. Alexey Miroshnichenko (nominated as best choreographer) the action of the ballet to the music of Prokofiev suffered in 1957 during the world festival of youth and students in Moscow. At the Bolshoi theatre put the ballet “Cinderella”, where the canonical characters here danced the General Secretary of the CPSU Khrushchev, Minister of culture Furtseva and the great choreographer Grigorovich.

If the jury’s decision does not intervene the political motives that often accompany decision-making in such contests, the favorite in the ballet is “Cinderella” is superior to its competitors. Besides the performances are quite worthy to receive “masks” and artists Inna Bilash (Vera Nadezhdina) and Nikita Chetverikov (Francois Renard).

Difficult to bet in modern dance, where the nominees-7 applicants who submitted interesting work. Among the most striking performance — memory Memoriae Matulewska Constantine and Sofia Gaidukova; ballet –meditation, and reflection on the destiny of the Tatar literature “Call started” (choreographer Marcel Nureyev, Director Tufan Imamutdinov and dancer Nurbek Batulla); weaving of bodies in transparent white robes, resembling the shimmering of the fabric in the ballet “Silk” Italian Riccardo Buscarini and the Chelyabinsk Theater of contemporary dance. And ostrosotsialnye “Imago-trap” choreographed by Tatiana Baganova and it “Provincial dances”. Who of them will prefer a jury is hard to say.

Go to the drama big and small. This is the most cumbersome category, in which performances are 14 large and 15 small form. In the first competing mostly theatrical “gods” such as Lev Dodin and Anatoly Vasilyev in the second — to Olympus claims more young and advanced growth.

Unnecessarily inflated the list of Directors vying for the award. 29 items, including Yuri Butusova, which, among other things, competes with himself: “Uncle Vanya” in the Theater. Beringa vs “Drums in the night” at the Moscow theater. Of A. S. Pushkin. How can you not regret jury composed too different in their aesthetic beliefs of the people. But they will have together in the vast sea to catch fish. Not the fact that the winners will be those who really deserve it, as happens in such cases.

Masters are not always represented by their best works, but who wants to offend them. How to ignore, for example, Lev Dodin, around the show is “Fear. Love. Despair” in the Maly drama theatre—Theatre of Europe concentrated so much energy mutually exclusive, contradictory opinions. But there is another “heavyweight” Anatoly Vasilev with a unique performance of “old Man and the sea”. And what an impressive list of Directors from different cities of the country? Nominees the darkness, and so different level that I would like to encourage experts to temper his zeal, and to be cautious when selection. Still need to keep yourself limited to more or less sane around candidates and not include all.

Here is a list of four nominees from playwrights leads a very sad end theatrical scene. Besides, among the contenders for victory is the authors, whose plays, though on the topic of the day, which of course is fine, but absolutely devoid of artistic merit.

44% of the current nominees for the “Golden mask” falls in the regions, according to the organizers themselves. The geographical scope is impressive, but the level of the presented works — not always. Live performances and dead the situation is much better.

Judging by the mood in theatrical circles, the leaders in the field of small forms was “London” Novokuznetskaya drama theatre, “Shop” from Almetyevsk, “Chuk and GEK” out of the theater. Although some favorites of late with its birth ten years.

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