At the ceremony “Golden mask” would be a surprise

Before the ceremony of the main national theatrical award of the country is only minutes away. His opinion with the reviewer “MK” was shared by some members of the jury.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

Elena Shanina, actress Lenkom: “we had a secret ballot, the results do not know. I can say that this time the drama has pleased small form. Shook the play “Childhood” from Khabarovsk – rooting for him.”

Another member of the jury Oleg Raevskogo not pleased with “Dolls”, but I wonder was presented with the small town theatre.

The Chairman of the jury at the drama theatre, a famous Shakespearean scholar Alexei Bartoshevich know the result, but says that when he found out who won, threw up his hands: “I’m in shock”.

This means that all in for a surprise.

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