At the presentation of the “East-West. Golden arches” Leonid Parfyonov stood up for critics

In Moscow presented a new international film “East–West. Golden arch”. Established its screenwriter and Director Rustam Ibragimbekov, who decided to increase the value kinokriticheskih thoughts.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

The award was given for achievements in the field of cinema from 32 countries of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, from the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe to Finland and Turkey. A jury of 24 experts, film critics from England, Europe and the two Americas — was named the best picture of “special region.”

TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov said a key word about the participating countries of the awards: “They are still living off the legacy of totalitarianism, Communist, theocratic and military dictatorships, where it was not easy to survive and keep a man”. He spoke about the profession of movie critic, whose opinion guided in its circle much more than word of mouth. Walked through the “Golden eagle” and “Nika”: clashing with each other, they work against the movie. The critics, according to him, is often a lawyer the viewer, less prone to partisanship.

“Cinema, located in the border area where East and West is seamlessly interwoven into a single unit, sending a warning to the world about the terrible danger hanging over him, — said Rustam Ibrahimbekov. — When I saw among the nominees is widely represented Russian filmmakers, thought not so bad situation our Affairs by an independent jury chose them from a huge number of paintings. Now, when I see who got the awards, I think that we do things well. We just got used to the fact that everything we do, from time to time underestimated”.

“Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev has received four “Golden arches”. Awards for best film, direction, cinematography Mikhail Krichman and music Eugene Galperin received by the producer Alexander Rodnyansky. It turned out that Eugene Galperin wrote the music without seeing the film without reading the script.

“The Golden arch” for direction was entrusted to give new filmmaker Constantine Habenskogo, the debut of which was to assess only the deputies of the state Duma. “I never imagined that so hard and damn fun to dive through it, to solve some questions, often starting from your intuition, sometimes against all the rest to understand that you’re right. Very interesting for me personally was a trip on the chair that says “Director”. Not to say that it’s forever.” It is still warm from the happiness of a new profession.

“Star of Eurasia” was named Serbian Anna Magnani — Mirjana Karanovic. The “tightness” of Cantemir Balagula proved lucky for debutantes Daria Avner (noted for his starring role) and Olga Dragunova (the role of the second plan). Romanian actor Bogdan Dumitrache was the best, played in the film “Pororoca” by Constantin Popescu. Alexey Serebryakov awarded for her supporting role in the film “How Vic Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in the nursing home”. Directed by Alexander hunt thanked him for the confidence of the newcomers, who mainly worked on the painting, and unselfish part in it: Serebryakov refused the honorarium.

“Body and soul” Ildiko Anadi was represented by a strong team from Hungary. It said only for the script, created 12. When authors came up with the bright idea of lovers who dream a dream for two, they tears spilled over his own plan. But here, no Russian has not done. The award had to divide with the “Arrhythmia” Boris Khlebnikov and Natalia Mishaninoj.

Classic Polish Krzysztof Zanussi was honoured for his contribution to cinema. His books and lectures, not to mention the movies, grew several generations of filmmakers and critics, too. And he suddenly said: “Many years ago I created a book with the odd title “Time to die”, but not in a hurry. I’m still alive, making a movie, and I hope, although it is always hopeless to achieve the goal. The goal, like the horizon, recedes. But I hope that the two countries relations will become better, so I still have things to do”.

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