Became known, who died at the station “University”: the student philosopher

Died on Saturday in the Moscow metro was a student. To him before the tragedy came mom, and the guy deleted his page in the social network.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As we found out “MK”, the body of 18-year-old student of philosophical faculty of Moscow state University, the native of Togliatti, was discovered at the metro station “University” on April 14 at about 15.00. According to eyewitnesses, the guy fell on the path in front of the train, who has not time to slow down. Arrived on the scene, the doctors pronounced him dead.

How to tell the classmates of the deceased, he was a very closed person. In the group he hardly ever spoke, and friends in high school. The student had problems with his health, he did not go to gym, and he lived in a hostel in a room with one, unlike classmates. Classmates saw him shortly before the emergency with my mother — she came to the University, and they somewhere went together.

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