Fat as an energy source: the scientists found the cause of unhappiness slender beauties

Experts from the University of Michigan conducted a study which found that beautiful women, including the owner of the slender figure feel much less happy in his personal life than the ugly girl and bbw. Psychologists explain this paradoxical phenomenon in different ways.

photo: pixabay.com

In the survey of American scientists was attended by 1,800 women of different sizes and appearance. It turned out that almost 61% of women who are overweight and ordinary appearance (that the current canons of beauty are connected to each other) quite happy with their lives and consider themselves happy. But among owners of model parameters, this indicator is significantly lower — only 28%.

Psychologist Elena Moshkova explains that at the beauties above expectations of life:

“A woman who considers herself attractive, more demanding of others. Men in her eyes must have a certain number of advantages to take a seat next to her. If the spouse in the data set in her eyes could not rate a decent life partner, this beauty feels deprived and unhappy. Or even left alone — but it’s not a conscious loneliness, and forced related to the lack of worthy contenders. In addition, the relevant canons of beauty appearance often requires considerable effort, and make them, as a rule, women not accepting your body the way it is. And fat, do not worry because of its magnificent forms, is to enjoy life more than thin lady who always is afraid to get better, not eating and then gets on the scale”.

However, scientists at Michigan state University explanation is more prosaic.

They explain the results of a study that fats are the source of energy and synthesis of fat has beneficial effects on life expectancy. Experts attribute this paradox with another, so-called “obesity paradox” which is that overweight people live longer than thin. However, exactly how this relationship works. They don’t explain.

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