Igor Sandler: “Rock is dead?! Nothing of the sort!”

Musician and producer Igor Sandler spent in Moscow an evening in memory of the departed musicians. Except the dinosaurs of rock, such as Arthur Berkut, Dmitry Thursday, Anatoly Aleshin, of “Arax”, made by younger artists — Sharif, Anastasia Spiridonova, Vitold Petrovsky, 16-year-old virtuoso guitarist Vladimir Chemocline as though born at once with the tool in hand, daring and eccentric Gypsy Jack, when you look at which recall the record of the first performances of the stones and Aerosmith. Remembering and supporting friends-artists from the old guard, Igor always with passion looking for new talent. In an interview with “MK”, he said, what is important to him these annual meetings, why should revive the tradition of rock-laboratory and to what level should strive for rock musicians today.

Photo: vccollege Sandler

As I drove to Alexander G. Barykin — mother Sasha — at the cemetery. Since his death, every month I bring her food, medicine, trying to attract people, not to leave it unattended. Many, unfortunately, perceive friendship only as a joint vacation. For me it’s first and foremost obligation. When Sasha Barykin died, I made a commitment each year to spend the evening of his memory. Not too long ago and became my close friend Andrew Davidian, a very talented vocalist who, unfortunately, almost all his life remained in the shadows: the country has only heard his “Voice.” And I decided that the evening should be a tribute to all the people that have influenced musical culture. My friends Tolik Krupnov, Igor Talkov, Pavel Smeyan, Sasha Monin, Jura Aizenshpis, Vladimir Mulyavin, Jean Sagadeev, Vladimir Vysotsky, whom I didn’t personally feel was a very familiar spirit. Many people ask me: “what does Vysotsky?” and I believe that many so-called rockers hold a candle to him no good… I didn’t know Sergey Kuryokhin, nor Alexander bashlacheva, with Viktor Tsoi only met a few times at concerts, but, of course, we remember them. The person really dies when you forget him. As long as I live, I will do everything possible to the memory of these great men is not erased.

— Whether in the rock culture of the continuity of generations?

Modern musicians need to know their roots. I work a lot in this direction, to the bone is a devotee of rock-n-roll, so gather around them absolutely crazy young bands as we were at the time. Thanks to the First guitar festival in Plyos, the festival “Milk brothers”, the project “Concorde” I have gathered a large enough pool of these guys. Kids Rock Fest created especially for the younger generation, as well as the “Golden note”. It is an international competition where participating kids from the Baltic States, Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Israel. What the jury sitting Russian and foreign famous artists such as Gazmanov, Glyzin, Andy Butler, Charlie Armstrong, very motivating for guys who are their valuable comments and advice. At competition sound, pop rock, hard rock, and glam, and grunge, and industrial.

— Managed to find a really promising team?

— Yes, for example, a Stereo group Queen, which became one of the prominent participants, turned into Gypsy Jack, which you’ve heard on the evening. You guys have changed the voice. Before they had a Russian guy, also very talented, but this American, living in Russia, more energetic, charismatic, extravagant. They play a brand of rock-n-roll of the West, and the main criterion for me — the ability to play, not just to sing pseudophilosophical songs with three chords. Unfortunately, in Russia we have a very weak material in this sense. My goal is to show the young groups is the level to which they should aspire. Then we will really be able to represent the country and take their positions in the international arena.

— Now, the musical space is segmented, and the audience is lost because of the huge amount of information. Really young artists in such conditions to get to the level of arena of heroes?

It’s not easy, but possible. I’ll try to do it with Gypsy Jack. They play covers and I gave them the task to prepare my repertoire. If they succeed, it will be heard. We need to unite, to restore the lost tradition in rock laboratories. You can break one finger but not a fist. Rock died?! Nothing of the sort! Although at first the plan is now out hip-hop and electronics, the rock culture has always existed in opposition to pop culture. And now we see guitar players 12-14 years old, are cut so that they can be the envy of the adult uncle. Rock continues to live through the power of his ideas sincerely and honestly play your music. This is important to me, I did the same. Let me know five percent of the population, not one hundred, but I play an honest, open music of high level, which I believe in. This is my position.

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