Published calls burning in “Winter cherry”, “Mom, don’t want to die!”

Mash published record telephone conversations of people who were inside a burning shopping centre, “Winter cherry” and beyond, to a controller 112. On records people are desperately asking dispatchers as quickly as possible to send fire and to save the children.

Photo: Irina Shapovalova

Operator 112

– Girl, you know what you have in “Winter cherry” fire? There the people perish. Where firefighters at all?

– We all know the go, everything is working.

Yeah nobody goes. For 10 minutes burn it all!


– There are already people jumping. You’re not going. What are you, crazy?

And this woman, apparently called the emergency services directly from the cinema on the fourth floor.

Operator 112

– (background) Mom, I don’t want to die!

– We are on fire! “Winter cherry”

Fire approaching! There are calls, watch out!

– Tell me, is burning the whole building or just the floor?

– On the floor

– I can’t breathe. We drive only. Hurry!


Another call from a man who was in the cinema hall.

Operator 112.

– Please, faster!

– Has all services in place. All on-site work. You on what floor?

– The fourth floor. The second room.

– Second room, right? Now give everything. Bear with me a little.

The witnesses that were on the street, talk about jumping from the height of the people.

Operator 112.

The girl in the “Winter cherry” fire. Where is that ambulance? No ambulance present. People jumping, falling from us!

– Tell me your surname, name, patronymic.

– My God, girl, administrator. People here are burning, you hear? Jump out of the Windows.

– Tell me your surname, name, patronymic.

The address of the dispatcher sounds the same reproach: why the incident has no lifeguards and doctors.

Another call:

– What happened to you?

– “Winter cherry”. A fire, people jumping out of Windows. Please hurry!

– There is such a call, everyone came. All there on the spot.

Yeah there’s no one here! Live people jumping out of Windows, burnt!


Operator 112, what happened to you?

-We had a fire. I don’t know how even to talk with those who came. Came one ambulance crew, one man was loaded into the car, the second is on the street. Tell me, what should happen? I now answer “We can’t save everyone”. Yes, they have only two affected. Tell me, what shameful you soon in Kemerovo, huh?

– Well, I won’t be able to answer this question…


From time to time people have lost their nerve and went on being rude.

Fire, listen

– Tell me, we are now in the “Winter cherry” fire, probably aware of, right?

– Left, left, thanks, firefighters work

Wait, wait, wait, don’t hang up. Man wants to jump from the window, stretched out a blanket.

– I now that. We have there should be very many branches, they have not arrived. What I now do?

– I understand. What shall we do? Watch as the man…

– To speak, to reassure. Tell that to follow.

– He’s out of the window wants to jump..

– You hinder me to work!

– People die, you don’t understand?

– What? The police report!

Well, you freaks of course. Bye!

We will remind, the fire in the “Winter cherry” 64 people were killed, among them more than 40 children. In the framework of the criminal case detained seven people.

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