“Russian tennis player Carlino was disqualified for doping

– The international tennis Federation (ITF) has suspended Russian Elizabeth Carlino for the anti-doping rule violation, reported on the official website of the organization.

16-year-old Carlina suspended since October 23, 2017, when she provided a urine sample in connection with participation in the tournament in Istanbul. In the end, the laboratory in Montreal found athletes banned drugs Furosemide and Torasemid.

Because Carlina immediately recognized the results of the doping test and was able to prove that the substance got into her body unintentionally, the ITF has appointed her the minimum sentence is 12 months. When handing down the punishment also took into account that Colina violated anti-doping rules for the first time.

The period of disqualification ends at midnight on 22 October 2018, according to ITF.

All ranking points and prize money won by Kokonoe Junior competitions in Istanbul, also suspended, said the press service.

Earlier disqualification was serving Russian Maria Sharapova in her body was discovered Meldonium

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