“Saved”: the tragedy of the “Winter cherry” could have prevented allocating 7 million rubles

The owners burned out in Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry” regretted 7 million rubles in order to bring in an adequate state fire protection system in the building. At the same time the problems with the system’s management knew of at least two years.

Until 2016, the Mall was officiated by Tomsk company “alpha” – it was set in the building of the fire-safety system, “Kommersant” writes, citing its sources.

In the same year, it became clear that the equipment was installed incorrectly. For example, the path of water flow was routed through on-street Parking. Of course, in winter the pipes were merely frozen. And when carrying out repairs, system builders used, which is strictly prohibited.

To allow the sprinkler system to normal, it was required not so great in scale, this shopping center money — seven million rubles.

However, to change anything the user did not. Is this limited point “patching up holes” – this was done by the firm of “System integrator” Igor, Polozenko. The latter is now in custody.

We will remind that TTS “Winter cherry” was burned on March 25. The fire and smoke killed 64 people, including 41 children. In criminal case, arrested seven people.

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