The memory of Milos Forman: a very personal

1986. With the development of socialism, the Soviet Politburo and five years for three years still all right. But came Gorbachev announced glasnost and perestroika. And in accordance with this policy in Moscow organized the “Festival of festivals”, where they brought the best, but never show us the world of cinema.


Author: Petr Novák.

The Kosmos cinema, morning. We stand in line at the cashier for “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” directed by Milos Forman. The film is an aura of taboo, the destruction of the foundations and Jack Nicholson. Yes, more mental in nature, and it’s always fun: well, I want to marvel at ourselves, not disfigured, which it is.

Turn sticks outside and goes beyond the horizon in the direction of ENEA. The Soviet people starved for high art. I stand there for five hours and buy the same coveted ticket. Not today, where there, next week.

…What I saw turned me completely. Gutted, turned inside out. Somewhere deep down I suspected that was possible, but was afraid to say. After that Mac Murphy-Nicholson has always been my guiding light. That’s the way to live freely, breaking stupid taboos, not kompleksuya, to say and do what you think is right, here and now and do not care about the details — trust for a person who has just hatched from a teenager, this movie became the Bible, and the “insane” hero — cult style icon. Yes, the Chief smothers him with a pillow, but at least he tried.

The book by Ken Kesey I’ve read many years later and already did she was fascinated. And Milos Forman’s film has stayed with me like a dream, but as a guide to action. I immediately learned all replicas “Flight…”, all the footage, I carried them in himself, afraid to spill. And I never watched that film because he was in me and disappointed due to the fact that I learned a lot on the road over the next few years, is not wanted.

Milos Forman uporovsky to freedom because of the latched cells, crushed the Prague spring, did a movie about a man in a totalitarian system of values, its natural incompatibility with life in prison-psych. But the value of the film in the fact that everyone can find their level of knowledge, level of candor. This multi-layered cake, clear and simple, and the intellectual, is a dream for any Director.

Milos Forman realized her dream, not in the homeland, and in America. Yes, at least he tried. He did manage to give us hope, to tell someone, anyone: you are free! But it’s worth it.

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