“The VTB Supervisory Board recommended increasing dividends for 2017

– The Supervisory Council of VTB recommended increasing dividend payments per ordinary share nearly tripled, to 0,345 penny at the end of 2017, follows from the materials of the state Bank.

The last three years, dividends on ordinary shares of the Bank remained at the level 0,117 penny.

Thus, at the end of 2017 VTB may pay to the holders of ordinary shares 44,759 billion against 15,164 billion rubles following the results of work in 2014-2016.

In addition, the state Bank, as promised, equalize the dividend yield on common and preferred shares.

VTB’s Supervisory Board recommended to pay out over the 2017 to “preferred shares” of the first type, are placed in favor of the Ministry of Finance in the framework of the conversion of subordi from the Fund, 0,000551 per share against 0,00052 of the ruble, the company informed. Dividends on “preferred shares” of the second type, are placed in favor of the ASV within the framework of recapitalization program through OFZs will be 0,00551 per share 0,00588849 against the ruble at the end of 2016.

As a result, the volume of payments on “preferred shares” of both types by the end of 2017 will amount to about 28 billion roubles, compared to 47.1 billion rubles a year earlier (including the interim dividend on preference shares for the first 9 months of 2016). Dividends on “preferred shares” VTB transferred to the Russian budget.

“That is, the budget will receive the same amount, as expected, but the sources of payments are mostly not “preferred shares” and ordinary shares, the yield on which under this scheme will grow. Accordingly, minority shareholders and the budget will be placed in absolutely equal conditions”, – said earlier “Interfax” a source close to Supervisory Board VTB.

According to him, every year VTB will review the dividend amount (it will depend on the indicators and the macroeconomic situation in the country) and to simultaneously work on a single yield for all types of stock.

In General, VTB may pay for all classes of shares of 73.5 billion rubles of dividends for 2017, it is 61% of its IFRS net income (totaled 120.1 billion rubles) and 73% of net profit under RAS (of 101.3 billion rubles).

By the end of 2016, the dividend payout VTB amounted to 62.3 billion rubles.

The annual meeting of shareholders will be held may 23 in St. Petersburg. The Supervisory Board has proposed June 4 as the date of record for dividends on the results of 2017.

A controlling stake in VTB owned by the government. Largest minority shareholders are the State oil Fund of Azerbaijan Credit Suisse AG, which, as reported, is the custodian for the sovereign Fund of Qatar, and recently passed under the control of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Bank “FC Opening” .

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