Ural suspiciously deceased journalist managed to tell about people in masks

Known in the Sverdlovsk region journalist Maxim Borodin, who recently died under very strange circumstances, shortly before his death, managed to call a friend. According to the latter, the journalist told about some people in masks and with guns on his landing and balcony. And after a while Borodin from this very balcony fell.

photo: social networks

About this on air of “echo of Moscow” said the former member of public monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region Vyacheslav Bashkov.

According to the interlocutor of radio station, Borodin called him on 11 April at 5 am, fearing that he was going to conduct a search. “Maxim said he’s on the balcony of the man with a gun and that he had seen on the landing of people in camouflage and masks,” – said the head.

A group of armed men in masks at the same moment was on the landing. However, about half an hour later, the journalist called back Bachkovo and stated that the alleged wrong.

“He apologized, said he made a mistake – there’s supposedly some go exercises” – said the head.

The next day, April 12, Maxim Borodin fell from the balcony of the fifth floor, and after three days died. The victim journalist, in particular, talked about the fate of fighters of the so-called PMC Wagner in Syria.

Colleagues, friends and acquaintances Borodin did not believe that his death was “an accident” or suicide.

“Link there is only the one journalist Maxim. It is quite well-known in Ekaterinburg the journalist of the criminal chronicle”, – concluded the head.

Note that in the present circumstances the strange death of a journalist found out by an Investigation Committee.

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