Why the doors of the cinemas in the “Winter cherry” tightly blocked bike cables

Last week, Alexander Bastrykin met in Kemerovo with relatives of the victims in the “Winter cherry”. The head of the Investigative Committee reported that in the process of investigation, it was determined a “high-ranking officials, to prevent the inspections of fire safety in a burned-out shopping Mall”. The name of that person in the interests of the investigation were not disclosed. Another detail that drew the attention of the investigators — the door handle of the emergency exit of the cinema where dozens of people were killed, was pulled “rubber rope, similar to a bike lock”.

“MK” tried to figure out what kind of cable and who could close emergency exits.

Theater “Winter cherry”.

To install such locks for emergency doors and emergency exits is illegal. Whoever was responsible for this, should be punished, says rescuer from Kemerovo Anatoly Lykov. — Emergency exits must not have locks that prevent their free opening from the inside without a key. According to the rules of fire safety doors shall be equipped with mechanical locks. In the case of the fire alarm automatically locks rasplachivayutsya. It is known that in the “Winter cherry” fire information system was faulty, has experienced a failure, the alarm has been triggered by itself. Perhaps, in these moments, the door could also open automatically, clapping during the movies, which prevented the audience during the viewing, so they decided to wrap the bike lock with flexible shackle, which is used to protect against theft of bicycles, motorcycles. By the way, these locks often used in public spaces to lock the double doors.

Responsible for the inputs and outputs in the shopping center was on the CEO and technical Director of the building. Both are now arrested. Most likely, they had locked the emergency exits.

According to visitors of the “Winter cherry”, rubber cables were often used in shopping center, not only for locking of emergency exits.

— I have the summer noticed that the door at one of the cinema halls of this shopping center was outside locked bike lock. Wondering why you’re on locked — says the visitor, “Winter cherry” Vladislav. — The locks were broken? And in other shopping centres I have often seen similar cables.

It is known that during a fire it is this rubber cable and broke the men who were in the cinema. One of the men got out. And survived. The rest are left to sit in the room and wait for help.

— It is known that the children were downstairs. Apparently, they were ready to take off the crowd to an emergency exit. Probably, waited, when there will break the lock. Why no one but one adult did not survive — the question does not give us rest, — said one of the parents of the dead kids.

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