A quarter of a century on the wave

The past weekend brought not only beautiful weather but also a great mood to the audience who came to Crocus City Hall for the concert “Autoradio: 25 years — LIVE!”. With the anniversary of the radio station congratulated the brightest stars of the Russian stage, and the stage sounded the best songs for the 25-year history of “Autoradio”.

Vera Brezhneva believes that love will save the world.

Friends at “Autoradio” many poster is impressive in advance. As recognized by the staff of the radio station, make a list of artists whom they would like to see in concert, whose greatest hits would like to give the audience began well before the event. In the final guest of “the chart” came nearly a hundred names are the twelve hours of the show, even if each sing only one song! In the end, the jubilee program has combined a whole constellation of talented performers, each of them individually and hit, their music is so different, but they all have long-standing and strong friendship with the radio station.

Yuri Antonov, Lev Leshchenko, Leonid Agutin, Alexander Rosenbaum, Valery Meladze, Larissa Dolina, Stas Mikhailov, Kristina Orbakaite, Sergey Lazarev, Polina Gagarina, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Alexander Ivanov, Igor Nikolaev, Alsu, Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, Emin, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, Valery Syutkin, Alexander Kogan, Lo, Oleg Mityaev, Denis Maidanov Denis Klyaver, Alexander Shevchenko, Alexander Buinov, Tree, Jasmine, Anita Tsoy, Alexander Marshall presented the audience their best hits. Rock-n-roll drive and slightly philosophical lyrics added group “CHajf” “the time Machine” and “lube”.

Listeners to this great celebration gathered not only capital, but also regional: many of them were lucky enough to win a trip during special events. In the hall here and there flashed the flags with the names of cities of radio — them today about 2 thousand! Several million viewers watched the concert broadcast and watched live video on the Internet.

The Varin.Mikhail Shufutinsky wants to “Autoradio” to fly high.

The unusual atmosphere that prevailed in “Crocus”, was noted by every. The audience shared their impressions — bright scene, modern lighting effects and sound, as always, was on the level. Artists, in turn, admitted that much on such big concerts depends on the audience, and “Autoradio”, this problem does not happen.

Valeriy Meladze, hurry on the anniversary of Metropolitan traffic jams, said backstage that show though in full swing, but the passion subsides.

— I have raced here, and on the way got so excited, ran to the scene, made rapidly. Speed and energy transferred to the audience. Many sang along with me. Though the concert is already long, the tension has not abated. And the audience was very good today “Autoradio” they’re always beautiful because they are also listeners!

Supported his colleague and Stas Mikhailov, who discovered the secret of this amazing day.

— Fun people, live, real. Why, I’ll explain. “Autoradio” for twenty-five years, stands firmly on his feet, not rushing, respectful to the artists. People hear the air station all those whom I love and appreciate, so the audience is always stable. This is very important, that is why today the holiday atmosphere.

Congratulations to the radio station sounded in the evening away from the stage and backstage in the press area, where artists attacked numerous journalists. The author of one of the most imaginative was the legendary Mikhail Shufutinsky.

Is one of the best radio stations in our country. Know her from the first day, when she went on the air. In that moment it was just what you need. They fluttered on the waves like a surfer in the ocean, caught a wave and fly high so far. Wish they always flew as high as it is now!

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