Artificial intelligence has learned how to create cartoons based on text

Specialists from the Institute of artificial intelligence Allen and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign presented an algorithm that can create an animation based on text. Sometimes this kind of adaptation is far from ideal, however, in General artificial intelligence is doing its job well.

The developers of the “trained” algorithm called CRAFT by adding more than 25 thousand inside scenes from the animated series “the Flintstones”, each of which consisted of 75 personnel. In each case, the authors use self-signed episodes, explaining what characters are present in the frame and what they are doing. Thus, artificial intelligence was able to “bind” certain key words with objects, their location, background or actions.

The program was supposed to create animations that match a given description. Often the results are really in line with expectations, although the quality of these videos may not be as high as for the painted man. However, it often happens that the algorithm is wrong — for example, incorrectly guessing the background or making the characters do not very logical action. When an over abundance of keywords in the description of the results could be even more strange, however, this, according to experts, were rare. In General, the developers believe that they were able to make significant progress in creating algorithms capable of producing animated images

However, the creators of CRAFT, recognize that while it may not seem too suitable for practical application — learning takes too much to do manually, so at the current stage simply to draw a cartoon self looks only slightly more time consuming task.

Details on the results obtained, the experts said in research posted in the online library of preprints

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