Discovered a protein that prevents premature death

Experts from Children’s heart Institute in Cincinnati, has experienced the effectiveness of the pUR4 protein on animals and cells of the human heart. As shown by experiments, the drug based on this protein allows to avoid repeat heart attacks and other problems.


Experts artificially induced heart attack in laboratory rodents, after which they developed fibrosis and disrupted function of the myocardium. This happens because of the work of fibronectin. This protein allows the body tissues to recover after damage and that it is very important for the body. However, in the case of a heart attack, he reacts too active and produces excessive amounts of connective tissue. It replaces the heart muscle, thereby affecting the work of the authority and increasing the likelihood of a second heart attack.

A protein called pUR4 blocks the activity of fibronectin in situations where it would bring more harm than good. As a result, mice who are drug-based pUR4 gave throughout the week, heart, recovered from his heart attack, looked much healthier than if the drug was not used. During the experiment using human cells experts have obtained similar results.

Experts note that, despite the successful experimental results, while with full confidence to speak about the effectiveness and safety for human pUR4 bit premature. In the short term, protein will be tested on large animals and, if the result will meet the expectations, then the researchers plan clinical trials involving humans.

It is expected that pUR4 can be useful not only to people after a heart attack, but children with heart defects.

The study was published in the journal Circulation.

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