Experts appreciated the ambiguous results of the “Golden mask”: masterpieces without attention

At the New stage of the Bolshoi theatre “Golden mask” has announced its verdict. Perhaps for the first years of the national theatre award of the theatre people showed unusual cohesion, but this revealed a conflict of interest between art and politics within the community. The details of the ceremony, “ZM” browser “MK”.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Lev Dodin.

The organizers of the ceremony did not disappoint — missed the promised two and a half hours. The Director Nina Chusova along with the artist Galina Solodovnikova proposed a sophisticated theater audience to move into the future, so the design was something futuristic, of course, a computer, and the costumes of the leading and extras, just like guests from the future — something alien-cosmic. For live sound, added auto — voice assistant, but not Siri, as in “IPhone”, and some Pliny. She’s nice, “murmurs” by educating professionals on different genres of theatre: what is musical, operetta, drama. But not in her case.

Ceremony are Julia Hlynina of the Theater. City Council and Egor Koreshkov, now not just a scenic steam — press writes: Egor did Yulia proposal, and gave as much as a whole ring. But “the Gold mask” it is also not true.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Alla Demidova.

Opening the ceremony, CEO and experienced Manager Maria Revyakina in addition to duty thanks to everyone (the experts, the jury, sponsors) recalls trouble in the theatrical community — the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio” Cyril Serebrennikov and Alexei Malopolski, Yuri Itine and Sofia Apfelbaum. In this part it sounds to “Mask” only once. More and more will name just three — without Yuri itine and it is unclear why. About accountant Maslyaeva not remember at all, obviously, because she is agreeing to cooperate with the investigation, quickly changed the camera to a rented apartment where he lived before his arrest. However, the accountant — figure numbers, not art.

Announcement of the results is very fast — for 17-20 minutes spent on each section. The response from the speeches of the lucky owners of “the Mask” rating. Immediate reaction: “Mommy, now you will hang it.” (Anastasia Lebedeva, the role of the Monkey in the play “Drums in the night”. Pushkin). The short speech Alexei Frandetti, best Director of a musical (“Sweeney Todd, mad Barber of fleet street”, Taganka). The quiet — production team “Chuk and GEK” (the Alexandrinsky, St. Petersburg), who offered instead a reciprocal word 30 seconds of silence. The most touching — from the conductor Teodor Currentzis (“Cinderella”, Opera and ballet. P. I. Tchaikovsky, Perm).

— “Mask” which brought me happiness and unhappiness simultaneously. When I received my first “Mask”, this day, suddenly my father died. And I want to dedicate this “Mask” to my father. He taught me at night listening to music and crying.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Yury Butusov.

The most popular of our in the West Director Dmitri Tcherniakov, in contrast, was extremely ironic, saying that his “Mask” (and he received them more than once) now lying in the bookcase in a plastic bag. And therefore those who remain without a “Mask”, he said not to worry, that is not to get upset.

His appeals are not heeded: actors, Directors, artists got very upset (and could not hide it), without prize, of course, not for the sake of which they do not sleep at night, tore the nerves themselves and others, or enjoyed the process, but nevertheless, on the receipt of which is very calculated. No matter how cunning theatrical people, “Golden mask” was and remains for them the most desired bonus.

So “Mask” there is a lot of work, which can without exaggeration be called masterpieces, or vertices, or rotary stages, however, judging by the balance of the 2016-2017, the preferences were not in the arts. It is clear that, on the one hand, “the Seventh Studio” made adjustments and could not intervene. But if to reject emotions, it is impossible not to agree that “ZM” Cyril Serebrennikov and “Gogol-center” (three awards) will be solidarity not only with him but also all those detained whose fate is still scary of the unknown.

It is not necessary to argue, but on the other hand, must feel and think with other actors, Directors, make not the worst and maybe the best role plays of your life? For example, Dmitry Bertman, “Turandot”, in “Helikon-Opera” or Yuri Butusov, “Drums in the night”, in Pushkin (he, however, received for “Uncle Vanya”), or Rimas Tuminas with the “King Oedipus”, or Timothy kulyabin with “Ivanov”. Gorgeous and “Governor” Andrey Moguchy in the BDT, and “Democracy” Alexei Borodin in Ramtha and the “homeland of electricity” Mikhail Bychkov from Voronezh. Not to mention the performances of the provincials, hopes which have quite different properties than their Metropolitan colleagues.

This question everyone responds differently and needs to be honest with yourself: to grieve or not to grumble, abandoning claims in favor of those who are now hard times. But in this case, definitely stick with two ends, and the conflict between art and politics is evident here. In fact, in deciding the fate of the main prize in the drama not the last role was played by the political context of the time. The best performance is recognized as the work of Lev Dodin and his Maly drama theatre “Fear, Love and Despair”. The text of two plays, Bertolt Brecht, merged into one that is relevant for any time and for any country, the more that is written of the play was in the distant 30s of the last century. But according to the play and how skilful he is done, he convinces only on a theoretical level — Yes, true, but no more.

And quite unexpectedly at the ceremony originated memento mori, when a famous artist Larissa Lomakin, announces the nomination among, of course, artists, suddenly asked those present to honor the memory of the applause of one great artist. I must say that not all at once understand, about whom we are. “This is Oleg Tabakov,” reminded Lomakin. And it came as a timely reminder of the truly monstrously huge loss in our theatre.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Irina Apeksimova.


Ekaterina KRETOVA, music critic:

The results of the musical section of the “Golden mask” as predictable to me as shocking. And not due to the fact that another choice is always controversial, but because it is quite obvious theatrical award steers policy and ideology. What Kirill Serebrennikov will take the “Mask” for “Chatskogo” — shocking to a face to address Griboyedov, “MK” accurately predicted the day before. And that reward will not get the Helikon’s “Turandot” — the Russian artistic performance, fully corresponding notions of national awards. However, the jury chose the Anglo-German “Billy Budd” — the products are definitely high quality, but not domestic. A separate prize was endowed creature called Cantos, glorifying the personality of Ezra pound — fascist, anti-Semite, madman, forsaken by their own creativity. But one decision seems too cynical — napryajenie “Mask” to the prominent Russian musician Vladimir Fedoseyev, which was first staged in Russia and did it beautifully, masterfully conducting the score to “Turandot”. But the jury chose Oliver the background of Donani, no doubt, a strong conductor, but whose work in Ekaterinburg “Passenger” is not comparable with the work Fedoseyev.

Paul YASCHENKIV, dance critic:

Ballet the results of the competition for the first time revealed the incident: in that case, if the jury cannot come to a consensus in respect of any of the play “the Mask”, so no one was hurt, award show, long has already managed to gain recognition and is a classic of the genre. It happened at this time: the best performance in the ballet the ballet is recognized as 75 years ago, put a favorite choreographer of Adolf Hitler, Serge levarem, during the Second world war — “Suite in white”. Since that time, the performance is almost unchanged, and if there’s something to reward the acknowledged masterpiece of the XX century in 2018, so it’s a performance. In this case the candidate was nominated is worthy: Oksana Kardash. However, the jury chose another wonderful job — the Bolshoi theater Anastasia Stashkevich in Jerome Robbins the Cage (ballet in 1951).

True and almost uncontested leader of the “Mask” — the ballet “Cinderella” received only three nominations from eight possible. Among them the best choreographer announced as the Director of performance Alexey Miroshnichenko. Thus, the jury “ZM”, declaring the best ballet “Suite in white”, actually recognized the undeniable advantages of this brand new play, created in the Perm Opera and ballet theatre a year ago.

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