“”Gazprom” has complained about the complexity of the search of new professionals after blocking Linkedin

– Ban a resource on Linkedin complicate Gazprom the task of finding qualified professionals world-class, reducing the sources of candidates, told “Interfax” a source in the company.

Also the situation is complicated by sequestration of the number of recruitment agencies engaged to fill a difficult vacancy, add the interlocutors of “Interfax”.

For example, formed in Saint-Petersburg division of trading gas per year since the beginning of its formation was able to staff (about 30 people) to approximately one tenth.

When working on these vacancies, the personnel managers of “Gazprom” has faced a mismatch of salary expectations of candidates from Europe to the financial limits set by the company and a shortage of Russian-speaking candidates on the labor market in Russia and Europe, the sources noted “Interfax”.

LinkedIn is a social network for search and establishment of business contacts. Currently in the social network registered more than 400 million users representing 150 business fields in 200 countries.

LinkedIn has been blocked in Russia in 2016, as Roskomnadzor has not received from the company information about the localization of the social network of personal data of Russians in Russia.

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