German student found a unique treasure of king Harald Bluetooth

The most valuable treasure of the era of the Danish king Harald Bluetooth found on the German island of rügen archaeologists-lovers — 13-year-old schoolboy and his teacher. Among the found artifacts, coins, neck rings, brooches, pearls and a rare amulet.


“This is the biggest treasure of the era, discovered in the southern part of the Baltic sea and its significance is huge,” he wrote in his blog, archaeologist Michael Sherren, who led the excavations.

Of particular value among the treasures is Mjollnir is an amulet made in the form of hammer of the God Thor. In Norse and Germanic mythology only Thor could lift the heavy hammer, a blow which caused the lightning and thunder. This talisman is used in different cases. For example, it served as a protection when his owner went into a far journey. He was also placed under the bed of newlyweds to have many children.

By the way, Harald I Bluetooth who was a Viking and lived in the period between 930 and 986 year, still so popular in Scandinavia that his name was called in the late twentieth century Bluetooth technology that enables wireless exchange between different electronic devices.

– The hammer of Thor was found on the territory of Russia, – told “MK” researcher of the Department of classical archaeology Institute of Archaeology RAS Nikolai Sudarev. In particular, the following findings were made in the end of XX century in the necropolis of the “nest” on the territory of Smolensk region. And still the debate rusam belonged to them or the Vikings.

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