“Golodets said about the record of attendance of the Russian museums and theaters in 2017

Russian museums in 2017, was visited by 125 million people, and the theatres visited by 40 million people, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the final Board meeting of the Ministry of culture.

“Last year in Russia in the theatres visited by 40 million people – a record figure. The second digit of the Russian museums was visited by 125 million viewers, it is also an absolute record. Russian movies looked 54,7 million people, it is a remarkable success,” she said on Monday.

Golodets noted that one of the main goals was to bring art to the regions.

She noted that, despite the political situation, “in the cultural sphere it is reflected to a lesser degree.” “We cooperate with almost all countries of the world and in exhibitions and on tours,” – said Golodets.

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