Hiding from the “hunting of the Russian authorities” Rodchenkov threatened new revelations of the Russians

Former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, a fugitive from Russian justice who helped the West to deprive Russia of the Olympics, the informant of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Grigory Rodchenkov preparing a new wave of investigations and revelations associated with Russian athletes. This statement was made on Tuesday, April 17, his lawyer DMEM Walden, according to NRK. While Rodchenkov once again appeared in a secret location in the United States, wearing a mask and sunglasses in order that it are unable to recognize the Russian authorities, which, in his opinion, are continuing the hunt for him.

photo: a frame from the video

“There will be more investigations will be published and other information,” said defender Rodchenkova.

“The sport will never be clean. In General, the whole anti-doping system is very vulnerable to manipulation,” with unexplained sneak in the words he said Rodchenkov.

Currently, the international special associations in addition to national anti-doping agencies, as carry out Supervisory functions, and the prosecution of doping in their sports.

Earlier, the President of the International biathlon Union (IBU) Anders Besseberg said that Rodchenkov was engaged in the manipulation of doping samples Russian athletes contrary to the Ministry of sports of Russia and the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR).

Last week, investigators raided the searches in the office of the International biathlon Union (IBU) in Salzburg, Austria. Rodchenkov was one of the informants who reported violations in the organization.

It is suspected that c 2011 the IBU hid 65 “dirty” doping tests Russian biathletes. IBU President Anders Besseberg also is suspected of receiving a bribe of 300 thousand dollars.

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