“In Kaliningrad before the 2018 world Cup will be a tournament with players in the boots and hats with ear-flaps

Kaliningrad will host matches of the world Cup in 2018, the tournament will be held on the “nuclear” football, the welcome2018.com

According to the organizers of the tournament, tournament rules are “very simple”. “On the field poured 14 goals – 7 balls of each color. Team players (also 7 on each side) will try to score balls of his color in the opponent. The game continues until, until one of the teams does not score all their goals. The champion will be the first team to win two victories,” – said in the message.

“Spice the game will give a number of conditions relating to the appearance of players: the head of each player will be a hat, and on his feet – boots,” said the organizers.

The tournament will be held one day international gastronomic festival Fish Food Festival, which will welcome guests from 29 April to 2 may.

Kaliningrad will host four group stage games for the 2018 world Cup: Croatia – Nigeria (16 June), Serbia – Switzerland (June 22), Spain – Morocco (25 June) and England – Belgium (June 28).

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