Judging by the final Board of the Ministry of culture, to the resignation of Medina far

Less than a month the coming change of the Cabinet will remain in Medina as a Minister or not is a big question, and yet, he gathered all the cultural bosses on total Board of the Ministry of culture. Like all as always, but with intrigue.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

It’s nice to see everyone on the sidelines bro (“you are my lady”, “I sit with you not because you’re a fascinating man, but just no seats”), the mood is excellent, and in fact in other cultural heads with each other face only at the funeral, no smiles. And then all understand — spring, change is coming, and powerful. Sneak a climb into the phone: cut off Telegram or no?

However, had not room to take their seats at the podium came the heroes of the day — Vladimir Medinsky, Georgy Poltavchenko and Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. And right off the bat: awards to personalities in the Studio! A second handed badges, flowers, diplomas, certificates — Tsiskaridze, Kibovsky, Minister of culture of Chechnya and a lot more.

— It is necessary to understand how far we’ve come, the word takes Olga Golodets, — it is clear that the championship of Russia in the cultural sphere no one disputes, but to bring all this to the regions it was our main goal: that is, the creation of a unified cultural field.

Golodets boasted a solid record over the past year: now, 40 million people visited the Russian theatres, 125 million came to the museums, 54.7 million watched Russian movies.

— It is our absolute priority to create a culture in the Russian provinces, to come to each of our audience, no matter where he was, — continues Olga — we have moved and legislative activities: many programmes are being implemented for people with disabilities, for people with disabilities.

The Minister once again announced the imminent (September) opening of a new concert hall in charge: calling it “one of the best in the world from among the specializing in classical music.”

We successfully cooperate with all countries of the world, despite political realities, and we applaud all the scenes!

Further, the word takes Medina.

— Introduction I omit, and turn to specifics. For the last 6 years the average salary in culture increased three times. The volume of presidential grants has almost doubled. Two times increased the number of spectators watching Russian films, almost doubled the fees.

…Medina is very confident, aren’t shy about making that illuminates their plans, saying “in the next three years I’ll do so-and-so”, that is, resign absolutely not going to.

— Take the theatre: the revenues of the Federal theatres increased by 120 percent. Then there are people willing to pay that kind of money… a Lot of Philharmonic halls restored with Federal support. Museums: there are stunning figures for attendance and revenues at all — plus 125 percent in five years.

…The number of visitors has grown to such an extent that it had to impose restrictions. “Get rich, get rich”, — said Medina, commenting on the figures for revenue growth.

We will not deny our museums to raise the price for foreigners during the tourist season, the Minister said, the main thing is that cultural facilities were available for our visitor.

— That future is and equip music schools with instruments, and the development of children’s tourism, and so on. The largest project is the creation of a large theatre-Museum clusters in the regions. Support where the business is not, — in small towns for the development of the film distribution network.

…Speaking about cultural tourism, Medina noted that it is necessary for Russia to travel, and not to go to other countries.

In the end, the Minister “bowed legs” five hundred thousands of cultural workers across the country.

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