“Medina asked, “thumbnail” issued to return in 2013, VTB loan

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky called “thumbnail” to repay the loan to the Studio VTB.

Культура03 Oct 2013ВТБ provided a “Thumbnail” credit of 1.5 billion publicitate read more

“I would like to ask management “Lenfilm” to draw attention to the fact that you successfully support VTB loan, it is time to return. You have to make it possible. I Anton Siluanov (Minister of Finance – if), writes letters constantly for this reason. Return the money. Movie, you learned how to do very good,” said the Minister at the final Board meeting of the Ministry on Monday.

Earlier it was reported that the agreement on granting a loan “Lenfilm” from VTB in the amount of 1.53 billion rubles was signed in June 2013.

In December 2017, the General Director of the Studio Eduard Pichugin said that the Studio and VTB reached agreement on the early repayment of the credit line, which “Lenfilm” was to sell non-core asset in St. Petersburg.

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