Psychologists have figured out how to understand what the person is looking for a new job

Often the man who decided to change jobs, continues to work at the old place until he will have the opportunity to change it. It may seem that during this period, superficially, nothing has changed, however, a recent study showed that finding a new job significantly affects the behavior of people.


Scientists from the UK, representing Exeter University, conducted three interviews, each of which were attended by 121 people from eight different organizations. The surveys were conducted at intervals of four months, and in all three cases, they involved the same people.

As it turned out, people who expect to change jobs, start less contact with their colleagues, especially with those with which they share exclusively to professional duties. Understanding that in case of transfer to a new location, the employee will no longer owe anything current colleagues, and they — him, makes him partly revised, and the current attitude towards others. Changing attitudes is likely to result in a lesser desire to share tips or help and accept help

At the same time, if someone from employees of the company the person considers a friend, to communicate and to interact with him, he is likely to become even more. This is because in the new workplace to maintain contact with old colleagues will be much harder, and in order to increase the chances of that, one seeks their friendship as clearly as possible to demonstrate. Besides, according to scientists, not all believe that they have real friends at a new workplace, even if from a professional point of view, it will be their completely satisfied.

Although the sample is not too large, however, the research predlagayut that their results

The study was published in the scientific journal Academy of Management Journal.

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