Russian Luge again exchanged mutual accusations

Scandal in Luge, appears to be gaining momentum. About the conflict triangle of the leader of the Russian team Seed Pavlichenko, his mentor Eduard Burmistrov and head coach of the national team of Russia albert Demchenko said immediately after the Olympic games in Korea. Then Pavlichenko confessed that Demchenko requires to hold races on his sled. According to Seeds, it does not bring result.

Photo: Sandro Halank

But a new round is probably still not a complete history. In addition to the charges in an effort to be a monopoly in the supply of sleds Pavlichenko, accused the head coach still in the misconduct — namely, insulting the athletes. Luger team Russia’s Stepan Fedorov added that Demchenko deliberately spilled some powder on the track during the world Cup, fought with the coach and was rude to listen.

Bronze medalist of the world Cup Luge in calgary, now guitarist and vocalist of the popular rock group “Slot” Igor Lobanov made Demchenko at the Olympic games in 1992, trained as a team and, although close buddies the two athletes was not about the atmosphere at the time remembers well.

— Think of something unusual in the behavior Demchenko?

— Then he was an athlete and had no such authority, as it is now. Although downright delicacy was the same as ever. Even at the interview it is evident that albert Mikhailovich likes to boldly speak. But this is my General impression. It is difficult to judge because at the moment, are not within the team.

— Demchenko accused of gross communication with the athletes.

Anything is possible. Whether he has achieved something rude expressions, in addition to self-affirmation? We also voted for the appointment as senior coach Valeriy Yakushin. He might act tough, but I don’t recall any insults.

And semen Pavlichenko and Stepan Fedorov said that the coach still scattered on the track some kind of powder. Is this possible?

— If you put something on the ice, it will slow down the progress of the sleigh. But it sounds absurd. Can’t even come up with a justification. Again, I’m not inside the team, but understand that such things should not happen. Demchenko hero as an athlete. He showed excellent results. But not every athlete can become a good coach.

— During the Games was a replacement sled from Pavlichenko, who said Demchenko was against it. And Stepan Fedorov hinted at some shenanigans on the part of the head coach. Can this make?

— Of course. There are different workshops, which are allocated budget. Sani — thing is expensive not so much in production as in the future. And these tools must integrate into the result.

In Pyeongchang Pavlichenko moved to sledge his coach Burmistrov. But the motive still can not understand. If the world champion starts to go bad after replacement of inventory is a problem head coach. And Demchenko were not to prevent such an outcome.

— How the situation is resolved?

— I think that when there are such conflicts, it must be resolved as is happening now in the biathlon, where they will assemble a new team, to hold elections. In Luge similar picture: there are no integrity team and the common goal is achieving results. What will Demchenko, don’t know. He is a man of radical. But it’s important to understand who is right. I hope that one will pull the blanket over himself, and all will work to ensure that we had a good, warm blanket is a wonderful winter sport.

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