Russian scientists have created a t-shirt, able to remove the electrocardiogram

T-shirt with a contactless ECG machine that tracks the state of health of the host, has been developed by scientists of the South Ural state University.

As reported by “MK” in SUSU, a new article of clothing was created primarily for athletes. They are daily subjected to serious physical stress, and it is very important to maintain constant monitoring of the functional state of their organism.

In order not to distract the athletes from training experts have created a system for remote and continuous monitoring of the electrocardiogram. All the matter in the special stuffing sports t-shirt. It put the electrodes (conductive threads) and ECG module with controller and battery. The system helps in real-time (information from the t-shirt is transferred to a gadget via a bluetooth system) to see how the person carries the load, how it is changing the heart rate, what happens to the body in a moment of relaxation. This will allow time to tell the athlete when to relax, reduce the load or tempo. But in General — helps improve athletic performance and prevent health problems

Unlike foreign analogues the South Urals used a highly sensitive recorder of electric signals that allows you to clear the data even through several layers of clothing. The invention has already been patented and are waiting for implementation.

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