Schoolgirls, pagarusa in Eternal fire crab sticks, gave explanations to the officials

Schoolgirls from the city of Tara Omsk region has taken over the most difficult teenagers in the country, to mock the Eternal flame. They have posted online videos of frying crab sticks over the flame. “Arse” – wrote one of the girls. And then, realizing the scale of the scandal, deleted the video. What this “garbage” can mean for students, found “MK”.

photo: social networks

We learned that two girls of 13 and 14 years — said the Deputy head of Tarsky district sivaprasad Vladimir Zhilin. One learns to “excellent”, her picture hangs in the hall of fame. However, the conversation with her mother showed that parents are unable to cope with it. The father goes on watch, and the girl is left alone while mom was at work.

Just with this girl already talked to the administration, then officials, it was concluded that she was “not aware of anything, does not understand and could not explain”. Nevertheless, the head of Tarsky district Evgeniy Lysakov written statement to the police.

It is hardly possible to justify the act of two girls commonplace boyish and opposition to society. One of the bully writes in social networks under the nickname “Pomogimne”, and it is the indication of the link with the banned in our country organizations, which predispose adolescents to suicide and preach the philosophy of self-destruction. “Immoral lady. Omsk. Tara” is the only signature that was left under her avatar. And in one post says: “All the photos I deleted Instagram, thanks crab sticks”. “It’s okay, don’t worry, it happens when the crab sticks instead of the brain,” wrote in the comments one of her podeschi.

To punish the bully to the fullest extent of the law, by the way, will not succeed. As explained “MK” member of the Association of lawyers of Russia Alexander Amelin, to prosecute adolescents up to 16 years in Russia is impossible. Only in some cases it may be reduced to 14 years. And adult citizens who committed such an act, you risk to fall under the article “Hooliganism”, if it is proved the motive of “political, ideological or racial hatred against a certain social group”.

– I think that it is an outright propaganda-patriotism and mockery of traditional values – said the “MK” Vice-President “Fund of socio-psychological assistance to families and child”, children’s teacher, psychologist, publicist Tatyana Shishova. – Today in social networks a lot of the ugliness appears. Children each other forward, and adults not following it. And if parents something they usually first begin to justify the behavior of their children, not realizing that in this case it is not self-indulgence and not a prank, but a real blasphemy.

Please note that the last time it happens regularly, especially on the eve of 9 may. The punishment for such an act is necessary. And it should not be a conversation in the form of sermons, but at least registration. Because preventive conversations here hardly will cost. Too bad that in our country children were delivered from the punishment to 16 years of age, but for teenagers it is important to know that their illegal actions punishable. And the structures that today protect the rights of children, in my opinion, dismissed the young generation, completely denying their responsibility for their actions.

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