Scrap metal collectors or gardeners: a first version theft space surdobarokamere

Some details of the case about the theft of surdobarokamere-48, owned by the Memorial Museum of cosmonautics, became known to “MK”. This simulator was donated to the Museum of the cosmonaut training Center in Star city, and kidnapped him from the Parking lot of enterprise, which was to be its restoration.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Surdobarokamere is a special sealed this Soundproofed room with poor artificial lighting and soundproof walls for conducting physiological, psychological and other tests. In it, astronauts get used to the isolation from the outside world.

As reported “MK” the press service of the Museum of cosmonautics, this camera is not the very first, where you were training before flight into space, Yuri Gagarin (the one safely stored in the Museum of the first flight in the town of Gagarin in Smolensk region).

It, apparently, is on a different machine, which in previous years of practicing members of the first and subsequent teams of astronauts. As it became known “MK”, the former leadership of the CPC (this was back when Yuri Lonchakov) decided to give it as a gift to the Memorial Museum of cosmonautics. Surdobarokamere, very reminiscent of a remote bunker, donated to the Museum in the last year, however, the procedure of attribution (for the evaluation of future exhibit and registration) by all the rules of conduct did not.

Decided that first massive artifact, weighing over 4 tons, should be restored — it was in bad condition. For this, the Museum has turned into one of the companies located in Strogino. Interestingly, its address (on the 1st Likhovskoy the street) one in one coincides with the place of residence of the Director of the company. And it is from this address, or rather, with car Parking located near the house, she was abducted in the period from 19 Oct 2017 to 08 April, 2018. The loss of the head of the company discovered on 10 April, on the eve of the cosmonautics Day.

That is, in fact, exhibit the “left” after the intervention in his fate restorers, slightly reminiscent of the famous Comedy “Old men-robbers”. Although it did in this case, the Director of firm communications with the attackers, yet to understand to a consequence. According to preliminary data, the heavy metal camera could steal or scrap metal collectors, or the owners of suburban areas, which saw it as a comfortable and warm country house. I would like to hope that the missing will return to the Museum as smoothly as it was in the movie.

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