Son of ex-Prime Minister of Dagestan interrogated after the suicide attempt of a student of the University

About the new circumstances of the fall of 21-year-old student of the University from the fourth floor of the building on Vernadsky’s Prospectus told the public Mash. The girl alleged she jumped out the window because of unrequited love for the son of the former Prime Minister of Dagestan Mukhtar Medzhidova — 22-year-old Murtuzali. Investigators suspect that the young man drove the student to suicide.

The injured girl. Photo: social networks

The incident occurred April 13 in the auditorium of the University. A student from Kazakhstan who is studying on 4th course in the Department of international economic relations, raised voices speaking with my friend, Murtuzali Macidov.

Then the girl suddenly climbed to the window and opened the little flap and fell down from the height of the fourth floor. The student received broken ribs, head trauma and bruising to the chest, one of the ribs punctured a lung. Her life was saved by the fact that it fell on soft ground.

Public Mash, citing eyewitness reports that the latest Majidov spoke with a student MGIMO, who was in unrequited love with him. After a conversation with Murtuzali she allegedly tried to commit suicide. Initially it was reported that the native of Kazakhstan could push him out the window.

In fact the incident initiated a criminal case under article “Incitement to suicide”. It is noteworthy that the investigators had questioned 22-year-old Medzhidova. According to Mash, the status of the young man in this case has not yet been determined.

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