“The DIA was proposed to deprive the right to vote at meetings of creditors of broken banks

– The government has submitted a bill that eliminates a conflict of interest when combining the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) the functions of bankruptcy Trustee financial institutions and its lender.

The bill proposes to exclude the possibility of participation of ACB as a lender in the making of decisions at meetings of creditors, including through competent authority (FTS of Russia).

According to the authors of the bill, this measure will allow to redistribute votes at the meetings of creditors in favor of the least protected class of creditors of the third priority creditors, including small businesses.

The draft law also proposes to allow inclusion of claims of the DIA in the register of creditors ‘ claims regardless of the date of its closure, as the investors have the right to apply to the Agency for receipt of insurance indemnity during the period of bankruptcy proceedings.

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