The snow melted plastic: the exact cause of the fire in the “Winter cherry”

Specialists of the research center of expertise fire Saint-Petersburg University of state fire service of EMERCOM investigated the circumstances of the fire in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry” and named the exact cause of the fire, writes “Kommersant”. Citing its own sources, the newspaper says that experts have identified the original source of fire. He was, as it was reported earlier, in the nursery. But the version of arson, apparently, finally loses relevance.

Photo: Irina Shapovalova

According to preliminary data of experts, the fire occurred from-for short circuit in that part of the wiring that was laid on the fourth floor of the building, above the children’s playroom. According to experts, a short circuit could be caused by leaks from the roof: snow is not removed when it began to melt, the water got on the wires.

Further, according to the preliminary findings, there is a short circuit, broke out the first plastic chandelier situated over a pool of foam cubes. After the melted plastic got on the foam and set it on fire. Theoretically, the fire could remain local if ventilation does not spread flame – the system at the start of the fire no one is disabled.

Also the hearth can be extinguished with a fire system that caught fire, but the area had not been shed. As stated in the article, after a frost promerzanie water, conducted to the system from the street was blocked.

Finally, when the fire began to spread, people are unable to evacuate in time due to the fact that fire alarms were disabled in manual mode. We know the rest…

Children’s room was located directly next to the cinema. His staff had complained about the malfunction of other electrical equipment. So, one of the workers of the cinema told “MK” that shortly before the tragedy, the experts came to repair the shield: the light in the room randomly turned off, and at the end of the flap and even sparkled. The interviewee said that “once sparkled with flap, electricians checked wiring”. Also, according to the woman, in the nursery, visitors complained about “hanging” from power surges carousel.

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