The telescope that will help find aliens, will launch later today

Today we are going to launch a space telescope TESS, which will allow you to discover new planets outside the Solar system, and to obtain new information about the known space bodies. This was announced by the American space Agency NASA.

The name TESS stands for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, that is, “a telescope for the discovery of exoplanets by the transit method. The method of transit photometry is a method for detecting planets outside the Solar system, based on observations of their propagation on the background of its star. This approach in combination with the method of Doppler allows us not only to calculate the size and density of the planet, but also to obtain information about the presence and composition of the atmosphere.

The telescope is designed to search for exoplanets located within the habitable zone of stars, that is, at such a distance from them at which water can remain in liquid form. It is believed that such planets are most likely to encounter conditions favorable for the development of life — at least, about the same as on Earth.

According to American space Agency, is planned to launch today from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida at 22:32 local time. In Moscow already there will come Tuesday and will be 1:32 a.m. On orbit, the TESS telescope will be launched by carrier rocket Falcon 9. The new probe will continue the work of a telescope “Kepler” which in foreseeable future may be out of fuel. While TESS is equipped with a more powerful camera than its “predecessor”.

Yet scientists have been unable to find any convincing evidence for the existence of life beyond Earth, but many scientists believe that theoretically, our planet may not be the only manned space object in the Universe — in space must be approximately a lot of such planets orbiting similar stars, and they could occur in similar conditions.

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