“Useless” immune cells are declared secret weapon of the body against HIV

Autoreactive lymphocytes are considered useless and even dangerous to humans — they lead to damage to its own tissues and organs and is particularly active formed in autoimmune diseases. However, Australian scientists from the Institute of medical research Garvan suggested that these immune cells can become a weapon against microorganisms that can “trick” the immune system.

photo: pixabay.com

Usually autoreactive lymphocytes are “sleep mode”, but no useful role they have not been able to find, so for scientists it remains a mystery why the body does not get rid of these cells completely. The authors of the new scientific work in experiments on mice concluded that the DNA of these cells can be slightly modified, thus opening their unexpected potential.

According to experts, autoreactive modified cells to fight pathogens that attempt to impersonate the biological material of the body and thereby avoid reaction of the immune system. According to scientists, normally, the immune system almost no chance whatsoever to oppose the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. However, because the attack “self” cells is a normal behavior autoreactive lymphocytes, after making only three changes in the DNA they are able to fight infections, against which not too effective “normal” human immunity.

According to the researchers, earlier never occurred to me to try to explore potentially dangerous cells for good, so the newly published scientific work represents a fundamentally new approach.

Experts hope that their findings will provide more effective drugs to fight HIV, campylobacteriosis (disease characterized by a syndrome of the General intoxication and defeat zheludochno-an intestinal tract) and other diseases, “deceives” the immune system.

The study was published in the journal Science.

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