Why Smolov to blame: the referee Filippov commented on the disqualification of the leader of the “Krasnodar”

As reported by “MK” is not very peaceful ended the match of the 26th round of the Russian Premier League between “Zenith” and “Arsenal”. And it is absolutely not in the bill. Three goals of the bulls in the gate of Mikhail Levashov, left no doubt on the winner. But for the “Krasnodar” now every match is fundamental, because the team is fighting for the right to play next season in the Europa League, and it is possible that in the Champions League taking into account the increased quota of Russia. But this is the maximum objective, but while in the first half yellow card for simulation is received the forward of “bulls” Fedor Smolov. This is the fourth warning the player of the season, and according to the regulations of the Premier League Smolov to miss an important match in the next round of the championship of Russia against CSKA.

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After the meeting the player criticized the referee Artyom Chistyakov and system of refereeing in the Russian football in General.

— Never in his career did not comment on the officiating, but that was today in the first half in my episode… If a yellow card is not canceled, I understand everything with our League and our judiciary,” said the angry Smolov. More than that, he saw a conspiracy against the “Krasnodar” in the actions of the judge.

To comment on the controversial episode, its possible causes and consequences we asked well-known FIFA referee and the constant expert “MK” Viktor Filippov.

In such situations, it is important to consider the psychology of the game, the relationship of the referee with the players to understand what this card was born. A lot of the subjunctive reflection. There are kazusnye moments when, Willy-nilly it is necessary to punish: for unsportsmanlike conduct, rough play, simulation… Technically it is difficult to say which gave rise to the judge in this case show a yellow card. Smolov is not the first day in football. The case is complicated. To talk easily, just sitting at the table drinking tea. I will say this: showed showed. To blame the referee here is difficult. The fact took place, the action was. To criticize the refereeing to anything. A red card to Buffon thumb for three days: coulda woulda. But, probably, Buffon led the way of the arbitrator himself, the judge, even with iron character, decided on extreme measures.

As for punishment Smolov, the referee on the field is the main. But that card is shown. Squeezed — not shown. Everything else is just consequences. Maybe they have had some strained relations…

Always someone to blame: Bush, the ball, the opponent — not the player himself. He begins to criticize! A professional needs to come out and play like the master himself to answer for their actions. It is not necessary to give a reason to get you punished. It was necessary not to speak, and “save” yourself for the next game. Moreover, the team already conducted in the account. Would include the brains and climbed on the rampage. Knowing all the negativity, most should be more careful. The psychology of the referee and the player is complex. The more the player already knew that, as we say, “sitting on the card.” The coach also had to connect. Hit — what can we do, that’s football.

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