Wounded in Sterlitamak teen teacher at the hospital to visit mom

The teacher Ekaterina Pershina, injured this morning in an attack on the school №1 of the city of Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan) one of the disciples, is in a state of moderate severity. In the hospital visited her mother.

photo: youtube.com

17-year-old student Arthur (name changed — ed. Ed.) set fire to the room in which Pershin led the Informatics lesson, and then stabbed her and two other students. He is detained — he also has a knife wound.

Ekaterina Pershina on his author’s page on the Internet writes: “the approach can be found to any student. most importantly, believe in what he can do this. Because every person has enough knowledge and skills for the attainment of any science, but skills can be acquired. If a child (no matter the age) sees Your desire to help him, he will react to this impulse.”

Continuing the theme: Broke the school Sterlitamak teen bad talking, but was known as a bully

Watch the video on:
“There was video from the scene of the attack on the school of Sterlitamak: “We are afraid””


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