“The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation proposed to run a series or a movie about the events in the Donbass

The Ministry is waiting for good scripts

Photo: TASS, Stanislav Krasilnikov

– The Ministry of culture of Russia considers it necessary to create a film series about the new Russia and is waiting for the works of the writers, said Deputy Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov.

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“Just as you have already created a film about the Crimea, we need a film about the new Russia”, – said Arseny, speaking at the conference “the Cultural space of the peoples of Russia and the Donbass” in Moscow on Thursday.

He noted that the support film is under the competence of the Ministry of culture and cinema Fund and the Ministry is waiting for good scripts for a film about the new Russia.

“We want talents, we are waiting to we were approached by someone who will give us a good script, and the script we put to the Advisory Council. While such a scenario we have, we expect and hope that such good movies should be created”, – said the Deputy Minister.

A film about the events of the “Russian spring” 2014 “Crimea”, filmed a TV presenter Alexey Pimanovym, was released in September of last year. In Russia it was viewed by nearly 1.5 million people, the fees amounted to about $6 million, according to “IMDb”. A rating of “Crimea” on “IMDb” score: 3 out of 10.

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