“Library night”: funny, smart, and dangerous adventure

April 21 to kick off the “Biblionoch”. For the seventh time libraries, literary museums and bookstores unfold the mind of the afflicted. A lot of interesting things being prepared in Moscow, and only this book night will run more than 1,500 sites. So immerse yourself in their head.

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Magic books — “Archaizing” — at night the agenda of the Russian state library for young people. This time RGBM offers interactive experience for active and for passive lectures, and the most curious will be able to mix both. Among the “treats” — the literary quest an intellectual game, a battle of geniuses and scholars, which meets seven rounds in a row to questions. Dance lovers will be able to make a real dance-battle in the Kinect game Just Dance. Also the bookworm and kigomani will be able to hear a series of lectures: artificial languages in the world of cinema and literature, about the “ghosts” of Turgenev… Visitors can immerse themselves in the incredible atmosphere of the space and to talk about the future of the Russian cosmonautics with the famous science fiction writer Anton by Pervushina. And an interactive lecture by the psychologist Maria Efimova will teach even in a world of gray to see a ray of hope and smile in the face of darkness. Exciting workshops from artists, a special children’s program and a pleasant music — all this offers RGBM.

— In the first “library night” we were worried about the rolls, — said the Executive Director of the Russian state library Vladimir Gnezdilov. And if trips to the biggest book Depository of Russia have become a tradition, on 21 April its doors to visitors for the first time will open the Pashkov House. There will be an immersive performance “Theatre of the living actions”: visitors will have the opportunity to work with professional artists to uncover the mysterious “the case of the library.”

In addition, the RSL will visit the famous writer Alexei Ivanov, best known for the novel “the Geographer globe drunk”, with the theme “Geography of literature”. Publicist Alexander Arkhangelsky argues with readers about the relationship between era and the literary hero. His literary debut, “#Illusion of happiness and love” will present popular instagram blogger Irina Oganova. On the marble stairs of the main building, Director Alexei German Jr. will talk about his already controversial film “Dovlatov”, and then on the same marble staircase will start showing it. Also in the RSL will be “Bespristupny reading”, in which famous actors and presenters will read a lyrical and satirical works of modern authors.

The music will begin to “Libraries,” Library and reading room for them. I. S. Turgenev. Start composer and singer Faith tinyakova — concert of favorite works of the great classics, and will continue, the actors of the theatre “ApARTe” with excerpts from the play “Fathers&Children”, sculptor, graphic artist Alexander Kostin with the exhibition of etchings “Turgenev women in contemporary images.” Finally, clap the ball “Turgenevka invites”. But perhaps the highlight of the program will be writer Victor Yerofeev with the theme “I came to through Turgenev “Fathers and children”. Late Turgenev”. It seems that in the night, devoted to literature, needs to come to life and Turgenev himself, however, the great classics of literature now live only on the pages of their books. But even so, through books, plays, movies, and just remembering the names of the great, we are extending this life…

Classics life will prolong and the House-Museum of N. In.Gogol. Actor, teacher, Professor Avangard Leontiev will conduct the audience “through the pages of Russian classics”. Actress Olga Gaumont-Pronin in his one man show on the works of A. P. Chekhov will show that sometimes for comic situations in the works of classics disappear altogether “Nechodi”. A scholar and gogoleve Ivan Esaulov will tell you what “Love, death, and resurrection in Russian literature”.

And in the house of Gogol, Turgenev remember: there will be a marathon “Тургенев200” — the works of Ivan S. the night will come alive on the screen. And the young poets talk about poetry a little-known life of Turgenev in the framework of its program “Turgenev — Russian poet”. By the way, the house of Gogol — one of the few places where the night lasts until morning.

And what about Pushkin? “Biblionoch” in the Pushkin Museum promises to be rich in discoveries and revelations. The Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin will allow visitors to visit the reading room of the scientific library that was closed in usual days. As well as the staff of the Museum will present the visitors five books, which miraculously contacted important events and personalities as the history of Russia and history of the Museum.

It is also worth noting that the action involves not only museums and libraries, and book stores. In the “library night” books are cheaper than vodka. In any case, according to Alexander Kibovsky: “the Fact that people have lost interest in books, stereotypes. And these stereotypes — most importantly, what you need to fight.”

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