The captain of our hockey

Dear Glory!

I was lucky enough to see you triumphantly vskinuvshaya leggings after goals, at the highest pedestals under the flashes of dozens of tables, excommunicated the Soviet apparatchiks from hockey after an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”: “I don’t want to play for Tikhonov”, Olympic coach in salt lake city and chair of the sports Minister at Kazakova.

Vyacheslav Fetisov and the Deputy chief editor of “MK” Peter Spector.

And you always moved forward Holy love of hockey to the sport. You have made famous all over the world his number — branded fetiaska “two”. But you never would have agreed to be the second — any place except the first is considered a defeat. In life could forgive everything except betrayal, what you have had to face. But on the ice, and in the life of the illegal hits you never stopped, you always rose and crept forward in the mix.

Your role of a shooting guard this obliged as the captain’s symbol “C” on a hockey sweater. With you teammates and in the Soviet hockey, and the ocean felt like a stone wall. Like your favorite girls — his wife Lada and daughter Nastya.

Once you with undisguised pride told me that Nastya Fetisova in school asked an essay on the topic: “Your hero in life.” And she wrote: “My hero — dad”. I saw that for you it is much more important and more expensive than even the prestigious Stanley Cup. She is now seriously engaged in the movie, and I want to believe that someday we will see her film: “My dad — Vyacheslav Fetisov”.

You once again abruptly unfolded his fate by changing his coaching career (I am sure she would be as brilliant as the game) for the post of sports Minister, because you asked Putin. And you framed the President’s shoulder, like I used to do it on the court with their famous partners.

All poslematchevye your office is a career for anyone, but not for a man, from his youth learned the meaning of honor in sports history.

Your book “Overtime” where you are with astonishing honesty told, and confessed, about his life, stood on a par with the world’s bestsellers. You became a hero not only documentary films, but also art series, as the writers we have, and the ocean could not be carried away by your incredible biography. You survived terrible car accidents, and hockey scars you just decorated, as befits real men. In your honor is deservedly called the ice-hockey Palace in Vladivostok — “Fetisov-arena”. And no matter where you are there is still a queue for your autograph.

Today you will return to the bright lights flooded the area. From the locker room will go on the black rubber track, smiling nod, and step on the ice that made you a crowd favorite. And I want to believe that your persistent youth applies to us, your peers. Times Fetisov on the ice — so all of the usual hockey scenario. As in the old good times.

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