The festival opened with overlays: leading scattered cards, Lithuanians call Russian

Opened the 40th Moscow international film festival. It happened before the usual time. Usually it was held in June. But the impending world Cup changed the schedule. The festival organizers had to work in accelerated mode. The ceremony was held with overlays: Lithuanian Director called the Russian, and presenter Igor Vernik scattered cards with the text. Saved the situation Nikita Mikhalkov, shutevski about poisoning Skrobala.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

The track star were the jury members that at the last moment decorated German actress Nastassja Kinski. Parents named aspiring actress in honor of the heroine of the novel “the Idiot” Dostoevsky’s Nastasya Filippovna. The company Kinski were: American actor John savage, who starred in “Godfather 3,” “Maria’s Lovers”, “twin Peaks” and “x-files” and the Russian film Director Anna Melikyan, Chinese Director Liang Qiao and President of the jury of the Italian producer Paolo del Brocon.

Immediately after the ceremony showed the Italian film in competition “Naples under the veil of” ferzan Ozpetek. Just in the main competition includes 14 films from 16 countries.

List of Russian movies was added just before the start of the festival “White” by Alexander Kott, depicting the earthquake of 1988 in Armenia.

“People were left alone with the elements. This is a film-Requiem, the Director says. – A huge country disintegrated into fragments, torn by national conflicts. And then came the trouble, forced to forget quarrels, and to remember that there is nothing more valuable than human life. It seemed that the whole world has gathered in the city of the dead to raise him up.”

Previously announced were two paintings – “King-bird” by Eduard Novikov in the Yakut language (the first picture from Yakutia in the main competition of the festival) and “Nude” Chinese girl, actress “Gogol-center and finalists of “the Voice” Yang GE, who studied at VGIK. And all this Russian movie.

About it spoke a Eulogy at the opening ceremony the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky: “experiencing an Unprecedented rise of Russian cinema. Every second viewer who visited the cinema, watched a Russian movie. Such performance has not been since the days of the Soviet Union.”

Guests of the festival, and it is well-known filmmakers and distributors on the sidelines were talking about something else. For example, that even Knightley’s participation does not help the situation with the release of the film. Problems dark, and we have from the stands bravura speech sounds.

In the documentary competition jury included: Director of the Moscow house of photography Olga Sviblova, Director education with and two films under his belt, the Director of the documentary film festival in Sheffield Liz McIntyre, Lithuanian documentary filmmaker salyus Berzinis as Chairman. On a clumsy opening ceremony, called it a Russian Director, so the President of the festival had to save the situation.

Mikhalkov tried to smooth over other lining: “All so fine…began With the collapse of the music stand…” the master of ceremonies Igor Vernik in a rush of emotion’s waving that has filled the “table”. The cue cards were scattered, and he had to say. In General, everything went very unpretentious. But the pathos of Mikhalkov’s works wonders. His speech was funny and majestic, so what is happening has turned into a Comedy.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Nikita Mikhalkov

“Our family – a movie, – he said. – Not afraid to filmmakers in the UK that will be poisoned here. Arrived. We are considered a pariah. We have something to do.

Saulius Berzinis announced by the Russian Director, and he is Lithuanian. I come from a family of Gediminas. Have the right to obtain a second citizenship, but suffer”. For those who have forgotten, Gediminas, the great Lithuanian Prince. So what will be in Lithuania to think about.

On the opening day prize for contribution to world cinema posthumously said Oleg Tabakov. It happened before 40 days from the moment of his departure, recalled taking the award for Pavel Tabakov, the son of Oleg Pavlovich.

20 APR “Unforgiven” by Sarik Andreasyan, will open a Russian program, and it’s kind of a festival within a festival, attracting foreign guests.

The film is based on real events, and the role of the architect Vitaly Kaloeva, who lost in the crash of 2002 the entire family and killed the perpetrator in response to the tragedy of the air traffic controller was played by Dmitry Nagiyev. So now you can compare his work with how did Arnold Schwarzenegger in the drama “Consequences” Alletta Lester. Sarik Andreasyan believes that this terrible story began to be forgotten, to her ambiguous attitude in the world, so it is important to the viewer to make up their own minds.

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